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Winter Time – A time for ease and grace

Winter naturally slows us down, for some a little, others a lot. It’s a pretty cool (cringe, giggle – Dad pun) time to click into 3rd gear in areas and up to 5th in others. We all know how busy life can get at times. The running of a home, family life, business, social, community commitments and the list goes on. So, what is it that you do during these times to stay centred, energised, on top of it all and not burn out?

Do you have tools to turn to?

Do you have a routine?

Have you ever witnessed a friend, colleague or Beyoncé’s daily/ weekly life actions and thought “erm surely they have 5 extra days in their week that I am not privy to? or nope they are 100%-time magicians?’

The answer… no extra days, no time magicians, no time travel but they have mastered how and where they spend their time, how to plan and prepare.

As a sole parent and business owner who lives 1000’s of kilometres from family who loves to live a fun, centred, and full life I have made it a priority to find ways to live and do with ease and grace. In fact, one of my mantras is “I am bold, disciplined and live life with ease and grace

Bring a former elite athlete, discipline and preparation is something I know, something that has served me well. So where do I transfer that discipline and preparation into my day to day life? The answer is, all areas.

In my experience ease and grace flows when my ‘think, say and do’ are aligned, when I plan, prepare, take action and ‘let go’.

Let go … of expectation, the outcome, the story. Not give up, not quit, not stop taking action but to let go.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need”. –Tao Te Ching

A couple of simple and practical tips to support your week of ease and grace (Warning: this is nothing new, you may even be an A grade player and be actioning these tips and many more – YAY!! but you may also need a reminder, a check-in, an adjustment of the ease and grace odometer, or some straight out inspo)

  1. Assign a block of time each week to plan out tasks and intentions for the week, Personal, Family, Business and Community. Set realistic intentions and map out the action steps to actualise. Set regular times for activities you value and know that serve you to be your best you. A regular time each day to do your self-care routine. Your exercise, your reflections, your mental fitness, your injection of education (books, courses, magazines, podcasts). Down load our planner HERE
  2. Prioritise your self-care. Filling your own cup first gives you greater connection, joy, energy, patience, drive, focus, selflessness and wellbeing. Being your best self is a wonderful gift to you but also those around you. This is non-negotiable.
  3. Check in at the end of each day for what is required of you for the following day. Give yourself the opportunity to reflect on the day that has been – acknowledge a win/gain, a hurdle, a new learning, something to improve on, something you are proud of and of course all that you are grateful for.
  4. Pre-plan and prepare your meals. This will save you money, create time (maybe time magicians do exist) and support healthy eating choices (Winning) Choose nutritious recipes that can last 3-4 days, that can travel with you to work or other outings. Think ‘earth to table’. Soups are always a good choice!! Especially in winter. Check out this 10 min Roasted Cauliflower Soup I whipped up last week. (vegan friendly)
  5. Get present and self-aware. Yup get into your body with body awareness, mindful meditation, mantra, breath whatever it is that is in your tool kit that you use to get here and now. When we are fully present we are intuitive, innovative, productive and clarity rises. In presence there is no time.

Wishing you a magical week full of time travel, goal kicking, laughter and super yummy meals.


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