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Unlock your Christmas magic with self-awareness

Self-awareness grants greater access to a deeper understanding of life. Whether you are looking for more intuitive knowledge or greater regulation over your emotions – to be the explorer of your inner dimensions can transform your life experiences in more coherence and harmony.

Within EYI System of Self, a key access point within the methodology is through the pillar of ‘Reflection’. Whether it is reflection of patterns of thought, actions or experiences, using the analytical brain as a tool, can open up pathways of seeing greater perceptions, knocking down filters of unconscious walls, to open up greater life perspectives.

Being human, we have a myriad of compulsions – conscious and unconscious feedback loops – which direct how our own personal, subjective experience is played out. To recognise these and bring them to the surface of consciousness, we gain the ability to be in the driver seat of life, by choosing what serves and letting go of what doesn’t.

When reflecting – a great tool and doorway to more awareness or greater life experience – you use your body to recognise unconscious patterns. Your body is the holder and keeper of feedback loops from your past. It is an instrument that has collected information through your own life experiences and your ancestors. It holds the conscious and unconscious. These patterns that are expressing themselves can be seen in your experience. Whether it’s your skill-sets, your challenges, your thoughts, your persona, your qualities, your virtues or your values. You have ones that serve your life experience and ones that make it more challenging.

Here we use reflection within our bodies sensations, as a navigator to see more, not to give ourselves a hard time through criticism, but more to open up beyond our blinkers and limitations and open access to a more liberated life experience.

The key is to not resist or rebel against emotions or to try to get around them by devising all sorts of tricks; but to accept them directly, as they are.” — Takahisa Kora


When you fire up in a conversation, where do you feel it?

1 What label would you put on that feeling? Anger, rejection, can’t you hear me, I’m right, not fair, your a bully?

2 Is it a pattern of reactivity that you have over and over with different people or experiences?

3 Who are your triggers of reactivity?

4 Are they men? Women? People of authority? Mum, partner, child or dad?

5 What topics of conversation create an emotional reaction within your body? Are they recurring topics in your life?

Reflecting on those questions, will unfold patterns. Next time you see them rise.


Next time you see yourself react to the scenes above, feel your body as much as you can.

Take your breath into the space of resistance, tension, energy or fire.

3 Keep breathing into that space, Just by being there for the experience, you are modifying deep patterns of resistance within the bodies feedback loops.

4 When truly there for that energetic shift, the availability to use higher, deeper or intuitive functioning can be your steps in which you move forward.

Have fun in the play

Marie Louise


Insightful read:

The Body Keeps the Score : Bessel A. van der Kolk

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