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Evolve Yourself Institute® International Day of Yoga

Let’s celebrate and redesign, rewire a well world! Transcending abuse- International day of YOGA

We invite you to celebrate International day of Yoga with Heart and Soul Care and us, Saturday June 19 at Govinda Valley Yoga Retreat Centre. As life unfolds, so does the awareness around the benefits of the embodiment of Yoga. There are many pathways within the steps of life. Some are more direct than others in unpacking, exploring and opening to living well. We celebrate International day of Yoga day with millions of people worldwide, highlighting the power of exploring a pathway of internal wisdom in connection, union, and embodiment of wholeness.

We sing a big YES to organisations and communities that empower people to interact with tools that work and to step into a thriving life. We elevate those who choose to make a difference in the lives of themselves and others. Get yourself on board with us and have a fabulous day in the mountains supporting a not for profit organisation, Heart & Soul Care, where all proceeds go to immersions for women who have experienced domestic violence.

Why are we passionate about self-education and self-awareness development activations and the root of Yoga? Because they work for the individual and elevate the whole. They process trauma, support a thriving life and move beyond the limitations of the persona. They are practical, they are here, and they are now!

Why is supporting the elimination of abuse so dear to me?

Because my life experience knows the debilitating effects of long-term child sexual abuse and supporting ways to move beyond such tendencies within the human condition, is a vein direct to my heart. In the following few paragraphs, I will offer a brief interlude to the story of subjective experience. It is shared to inspire you in supporting grassroots causes like Heart & Soul, Hope & Heal and becoming interested in the impact you can have in taking your self-discovery and evolution of awareness into the hands of YOU.

What happened? 

My body experienced a world of sexual encounters for ten years from three years old by a trusted family friend who lived next door. Not an ideal environment for a growing young mind/body. The repercussions and reflexes stimulated throughout those experiences layered patterns of limitations and expressions that framed how I saw the world, primarily in fear and survival bias. This reactivity compounded over time ignited ancestral trauma and framed up the box in what I perceived known as complex trauma. These reflexes were both conscious and subconscious, unfolding a persona that believed itself to be limited.

Walking in the reflex of fear, I was often scared and suppressed with a big ball of anger that disguised itself with a smile, conformity, and an ‘all is good’ mask to the world. My personhood was held in the prison of my past, operating through survival tendencies. These biases self-perpetuated layered and filtered the view of what truly was happening at this moment.

The reflex of the fear response, although remarkable, is not supposed to be ‘on’ all of the time, but it sure was for me. It was my bias and subjective norm. Its limitations showed themselves through social hyper-reactivity, judgment, criticism, self-sabotage, doubt, isolation, frustration, stale, complacency, guilt, shame, avoidance, denial, running from opportunity, imposter living, victim, force, numbness, uninspired, self-doubt, lack, dependency, fear and overall freezing in life- ideas, speech, action: the great mammalian and reptilian brain in full swing.

Maybe you can relate to some of those tendencies? What has become apparent to my experience is the human sleeve has elements of such through the consciousness of humanity, so not necessarily did your sleeve have to experience abuse to be reacting so.

This ‘fear’ on steroids became my wired norm, and the body/mind loved what it knew and did what it took to maintain its norm until my world changed! Through varying body/awareness, breath, meditation and movement practices, confrontations of fears and awareness shifts, space began to develop from the old reflex of its cognition. The shakeup of neural networks embodied within the vessel started to rewire and reframe; they began to open up to new information and fire and wire in patterns aligning with its optimum state of harmony and coherence. Within the processes of activating other ways of being, different ways of seeing arose, opening doorways of a more fulfilling and free life experience.

The freedom of personal growth embodied through self-discovery processes became the foundation on which Evolve Yourself Institute® is founded. ‘Imagine if my mum knew this, my dad, my brothers, my sisters, my son, my friends. – WOW! This dream became the unfolding and inspiration of sharing frameworks in the language of NOW for people to take their inner guidance as primary directors in cultivating a more harmonic empowered life.

Research conducted by Bessel van der Kolk, founder and medical director of the Trauma Center at JRI, in collaboration with Emerson, showed that a yoga model explicitly designed for survivors of complex inter-relational trauma increases activity in interceptive regions of the brain. Supporting participants to feel what’s happening in their bodies when they flex and extend their muscles in the hopes of rebuilding or rewiring the interceptive regions of the brain. This research supports the embodied subjective experiences of thousands of people who choose practices that transform inside out.

Imagine your child, mother, sister, brother, friend, leaders developing the capacity to understand their human sleeve? Imagine a world where humans took responsibility for their inner world, producing the ability to handle their internal energies and consciously directing them in growth patterns, innovation and union. Where those outdated systems of limitation are no longer the reflex and the being of genius rewired and re-imagined to a thriving organism of wholeness.

Choosing to take steps in activities such as Yoga and joining the inner evolution can revolutionise not only your human experience but affect and influence the whole as you know it. It is where we BE-come the expression of what we want to see in the world and embody wholly more of our true nature in its design.

That is a dream worthy of attention! Join us to celebrate International day of Yoga Saturday June 19, at Govinda Valley Yoga Centre. Tickets available HERE All proceeds go towards domestic violence survivors.

Marie Louise, Co-Founder Evolve Yourself Institute (EYI)

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International day of Yoga official date is Monday June 21.

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