Something to think about

The virus of heart spreads faster than Covid-19.

Taking responsibility and enacting an inside out approach to wellbeing in this life, is where your immune system becomes the elevator of fear and where you become the projector of wellbeing. Is it true there is a new bacteria virus playing out within the collective experience? Yes, a relative one. Does it mean your body/mind/genius will not know how to handle it if affected? Not necessarily so.

With an optimised immune system, your body/mind will do what it needs to do to transcend, transmute its cells into wellness.

This is exactly what it loves to do.

The tendency of the human mind/body in western culture today has become automated in the survival tendencies, firing and wiring cortisol and adrenaline, consciously and unconsciously, spreading dis-ease throughout the whole ecosystem and rippling into the world of experience. Today more than ever, the trigger of fear is ‘on’, these tendencies that fire and wire automatically have debilitating repercussions to the immune system, in turn, feeding an eco-system of dis-ease at an exponential level.

Choosing to feed your body-mind the environment that allows it to operate at its optimum, is an inside job and there is no greater time to do so than NOW.

To give your body/mind some space from the stress responses of the human condition and the reactivity rising with the unknown, you are giving your instrument (body/mind) the allowance that is necessary for harmony to be seen within its own ecosystem. This space supports the mind/body to flush out those patterns of conditions that have become toxic or detrimental to the very organism we are born in.

We don’t have to tell the body to grow limbs, we don’t have to tell cells to function, they do their jobs without our instruction. This system we are experiencing life through, our body/mind, is a piece of engineering that is an absolute genius. For this body/mind to continue to adapt, open new pathways and regenerate in new environments it requires some space and harmony to work at its optimum.

How can we do this?

The very practice of using tools of meditation or breath allows the central nervous to optimise in functioning. It opens the door for the parasympathetic system to switch on and do what it’s born to do. The genius that grows the limbs on the body, is then able to regenerate and renew the cells of the body/mind in relationship to the forever changing environment in which it lives.

It is very sobering to contemplate and know that if you give your body/mind, an environment of goodness, it has the capacity to also be contagious. That is the gift of bringing in the higher states of human experience into your subjective experience. Those higher states of harmony, joy, love, peace, produce chemicals that not only heal and build immunity but are also highly contagious. The frequencies of goodness might just show up to be the best antibodies you digest and deliver into the field of consciousness in which the collective perceive.

We don’t often hear of the contagion of the good stuff, because the field of drama and survival is very much alive and well. These outdated patterns no longer serve us. This is something we have the power to choose whether to react in dis-ease or not.

Develop what you choose to be viral and build antibodies for everybody.

  1. Bring alive a  meditation practice – your body/mind is its own pharmacy
  2. Use the breath practices of the ancients, their methods make sense in the experience
  3. Elevate people, self and experiences through the words you use, the senses you choose the community in which your body/mind plays
  4. Give your instrument clean, fresh produce, digest clean fresh and regenerative conversations
  5. Choose a solution mindset over pollution mindset
  6. Play lots, love lots and laugh lots, it’s hard for bacteria to survive in these states
  7. Allow comments, thoughts, triggers and worries, to run through your system, allow it to be more like Teflon than Velcro
  8. If you see your body buying into the contagion of fear, feel it, give it a smile, a hug and a bit of lovin, offer it some space and allowance. Then ask yourself, what can I do with it that will serve the whole? Enlightened action enlivens traction to elevate and alleviate

The body of knowledge within this article is expressed through the evidence of the subjective experience of Marie Louise. It is available through the wisdom evoked and awareness provoked through nature of all sentient beings.

Have fun in the play and exploration of self-awareness.

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