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How fit is your brain?® more than mindfulness; self-care for teachers online program

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Easy online education to improve yourself and your mental health

  • 7 PD HOURS

    This program has been mapped to the Australian Standards of teaching. Standard descriptor 6.2.2. Participate in learning to update knowledge and practice targeted to professional needs and school and/or system priorities. Completing How fit is your brain? more than mindfulness; self care for teachers (online) will contribute 7 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW. *Also applicable to S.A, QLD, TAS, ACT, NT and VIC Proficient Teachers.

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  • Why would you?

    Did you know, self-awareness is the number one skill you could acquire.

    Our self-awareness education looks at the whole System of Self®. We incorporate the tools of mindfulness and meditation to support you use your inner technology; mind, body and emotions rather than them use you!

  • Practical

    Our innovative online platform delivers simple, practical education, tools & practices designed to help you create long lasting positive change in your life. You will gain insight into the EYI education, activations and practices inclusive of meditation and breath that can be used to reduce stress and risk, improve wellbeing and enhance care in the classroom and life.

  • What you will develop

    -Knowledge and skills to support higher communication, connection and teacher engagement

    -Learn practices to develop self regulation of emotional states (emotional intelligence)

    -Develop reflection strategy to realise triggers of dis-ease and

    -Develop practices to calm the central nervous system in stressful situations

    -Expand personal perspectives

    -Understand brain/body functioning

  • What does it consist of?

    5 MODULES (Best practice is to complete over 5 consecutive weeks. Own pace, own time)










  • What does it take?



    -Podcasts – listen to them in your car

    -Playful video content – watch them at leisure

    -Powerful 5 minute daily meditations – where ever, whenever

    -Evolve through weekly reflections – your development matters

  • 7 PD

    Completing How fit is your brain?® more than mindfulness; self care for teachers (online) will contribute 7 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW. 

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Simone McGill - Teacher Melbourne Victoria

The EYI online program was a great way to delve deeper into meditation and self understanding. Working with classes ranging from 10 year olds to 15 year olds I found the resources useful for educating myself, caring for myself and preparing me to better foster positive routines with my students.

Simone McGill - Teacher Melbourne Victoria
  • How it looks

    Week 1

    -How the brain is structured

    -Why body awareness, neuroscience of brain and body?

    -Practices and processes for higher brain functioning

    -Self awareness practices?

    -What is meditation, how and what?

    -Why meditation?

    Meditation – Body Express aka body awareness

    Week 2

    -Neural to body pathways

    -Patterns of behaviour and perception?

    -How your environment affects your biochemistry

    -Recognising limiting beliefs

    -Unconscious patterns of limitation

    Meditation – Creative Circuit aka Power of Creation

    Week 3

    -What is mindfulness?

    -What are emotions?

    -Processing emotions

    -Blocks in the body

    -Self regulation through higher brain functioning

    -Self awareness to self mastery

    -Bringing it into practice?

    -Feel and heal?

    Meditation – Mind yoga – mindfulness

    Week 4

    -Central Nervous system and the effects of your health

    -Biochemical shifts with emotions

    -External triggers and environmental stimulus. How does it affect your biochemistry?

    -Health and wellness of a calm state

    -How to override outdated patterns of behaviour

    -How fear works on the brain

    -Tools for a fully functioning central nervous system

    -Why breath? A breath practice to calm the central nervous system

    Meditation – Stretch and recover AKA healing

    Week 5

    -5 steps to continue growth

    -Focus and its development on the brain to support higher brain functioning

    -Health and wellness pyramid

    -Putting it all together

    Meditation – Podium power aka FOCUS

    This fun, multimedia program is packed full of tools and tactics to help manage the stress and strains of work life allowing you to connect with your inner self and live a fuller happier life in the classroom and at home.


  • Systems that work

    Learn tools that work, develop staff engagement, connection, compassion and communication, for productivity and performance to be at your best.


  • Integrative solutions

    Integrate the tools and practices developed within the program to support you in and out of the classroom.


  • Professional learning objectives

    Professional Learning objectives of the EYI “How fit is your brain?® more than mindfulness; self care for teachers” includes, but is not limited to:

    -Understanding the impact of high stress

    -Tools to relieve stress in and out of the classroom

    -Developed self awareness for self regulation in times of pressure (Improved emotional intelligence)

    -Tools to develop compassion, connection and communication

    -Developed self care practices for ongoing growth, awareness and development

    -Deeper understanding of self, emotions and body

    -Meditation practice

    -Mindfulness practice for continual growth

  • Teacher wellbeing matters

    The latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics suggest Teachers are leaving the profession in significant numbers. (1) And research conducted by the Australian Government in 2014 estimates that 20 per cent of education graduates do not register as teachers on graduating, meaning many teachers are leaving before they’ve even started. (1) The latest national data from the Australian Government suggest an average of 5.7 per cent of teachers left the profession in 2014 (1)

    In Australia, conservative estimates suggest as many as 25 per cent of beginning teachers leave the profession within their first five years of employment.(2)

    Source: 1. 2.

  • Why EYI

    Nurturing lives since 2015, we have worked with clients all over the world, elite athletes, corporates and artists to facilitate their awareness of personal power and a well life.

    The EYI team has developed an education that is engaging & interactive, using the latest in science, the study of peak performance, mindfulness, human potential, mind state mastery and the power of meditation and breath practices. We have seen and experienced what works and what doesn’t and we want to cut to the chase and share what moves crap quick, and makes things happen.

Andrew Lamb

My experience with EYI has literally been life changing. The content is rich, yet digestible. The coaches are leaders in their field and always accessible. The course was fun, interactive, and most importantly has resulted in greater personal awareness, clarity & harmony in all areas of life.

Andrew Lamb


Experienced and Relatable

Marie Louise

Marie Louise is passionate and on purpose in sharing education with concepts for empowered living. Author of ‘Discover Worlds Within’ and co founder of Evolve Yourself Institute she loves aligning authenticity, action and supporting awakening of the heart, she is fun, engaging and an incredible facilitator. Marie believes every being has the right to wellbeing, Marie says, "With a little knowledge, practical tools and strategies individuals are able to create a life lived well."

Her focus and purpose was ignited with her mother's battle with mental illness, this was the driving force in a lifetime of research into the functioning of the brain, body and emotional patterns. Her insight into human behaviour is second to none and bringing complex system to life simply is what she does best. Her personal experience of processing years of child sexual abuse gives her the understanding of embodied trauma and what is necessary to move beyond it.

Kay Schubach

An amazing workshop and online program by EYI. Switched on and with sophisticated knowledge of current research and trends in mind body evolution, this team does not disappoint. Thank you for giving us the tools to use effectively every day to help us truly engage with intelligence and mindfulness in our interpersonal relationships, the workplace and with a collective consciousness.

Kay Schubach National Heart Foundation, Senior Philanthropy Executive and ‎Director at Social Justice Consulting

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