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Supporting your sleep?

Supporting your sleep now

Supporting your sleep

So what is supporting your sleep? Restless sleep can wreak havoc on our body/mind. It’s tough when the brain is buzzing, worry over finances, work, family, COVID-19, late shifts and the to-do’s. Trying to force yourself to sleep can put even more stress on the body/mind. This is where relaxing the body is key in allowing the mind to also tune into its best position for quality slumber.

What you can do:

  • Try a herbal relaxing tea, like Camomile Tea
  • Take a bath
  • Get some acupuncture or massage
  • Do things that make you smile, it’s energising, invigorating and homeostasis is found easy here
  • De-toxify your life – clean thoughts, clean food and clean relationships. Your thoughts create a chemical response and if the thoughts create a stress response they trigger inflammation, any inflammation creates illness, blocking the life force from running freely
    High vibe fresh food, the majority of life force comes through the food you put in your mouth. Less they are processed the less you have to process
  • Relationships that are toxic create an imbalance within the system, your emotional, psychological and physical responses all play out chemical responses, they all have a ripple, what are you saying yes to?
  • Do a meditation. Meditation supports you in moving out of being caught up in a feedback loop of constant chatter
  • Do a breath practice. There are several different breathing exercises you can do to regulate your body/mind. One method is belly breathing, also called abdominal breathing or diaphragmatic breathing. It can be done standing up or lying down.
  1. Take a slow, deep breath in through your nose
  2. As you breathe in, think of your belly expanding
  3. Let that breath enter your stomach, making your stomach full. Relax your abdominal muscles. (If you rest your hand on your stomach, you should feel it expand.)
  4. Exhale through your mouth.

As we always say the evidence is in the experience. Give it a go, make it a daily practice and see how your sleep improves. Try our Yoga Nidra Sleep Support meditation HERE

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