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Supporting You

We hope you are doing ok and being kind to yourself as you adjust to the constant and in some cases drastic changes. Evolve Yourself Institute would like to offer you ongoing support with free group meditations via Zoom. Our intention is to continue these through this COVID-19 period.


Wednesday 7.30pm via Zoom for a free meditation session register here:


Friday 7.00am via Zoom for a free meditation session register here:


If you have questions around self-awareness, self-regulation and self care please email us .

We will be hosting a free coaching workshop/webinar on these subjects 8pm (AET) April 1st.

Register here:


Take care everyone.

In kindness

Kerrie Otto de Grancy & marie louise


Sending our thoughts and love to all. With the rise in fear and uncertainty we would like to support you in ways we know how.

Join us April 1st, 8pm (AET – Sydney) where will will address self-awareness, self-regulation & self-care tools and strategies .

We are not alone, together we can flourish.