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Suicide Prevention...What can YOU do?

Suicide Prevention…What can YOU do?

Suicide Prevention…What can YOU do? let’s look at that. Yesterday I had a conversation with my sister, she shared her community of Kiama/Gerringong area had lost 6 people over the last few weeks to suicide. The ripple of such devastation so dense you can hold it. The very acknowledgement of this experience for the person, the family, the community held weight over my heart, oh so awful!!!

Suicide Prevention…What can YOU do? “Will we wake up to the availability in front of us?”

A toolkit that works – a foundational shift 

There is a human being choosing to leave their life experience, through the means of suicide, every 40 seconds! Just writing these words down truly shakes my pen to paper. This ripple of dis-ease that is happening in the modern world today is devastating, the pandemic of the mind/body functioning moves the core of my being to open up the awareness and possibility of a redesign.

Your power, your steps into solutions for situations that are not working is where you take response-ability for your inner world.

When a human being has the fortune to have their basic needs met, the very suffering that takes place becomes optional. It is not optional when the tendency of mind/body is unaware, but in awareness, another path opens.

What will it take for humanity to really be curious and tune into the importance and fundamental necessity of harmonising their inner world and understanding their inner world while recognising there are tools and activations that we can all draw upon now?

There are tools, practices and programs offered in the world today drawing on practices that have transformative effects on the body/mind/spirit functioning. Ignorance and denial of seeing what works and not bringing it alive in every day do seem ludicrous. I recognise that it sometimes takes a crisis to make changes – I feel a death every 40 seconds, is enough of a crisis within our culture to awaken the curious as to what it is we have power over in this pandemic of mind/body dis-ease while shining the light on a path that works at the very core of body/mind/spirit functioning.

Suicide Prevention…What can YOU do? How do we expand our awareness and what is the tool kit available?

Ancient practices, modern science and somatic processes exist now. No waiting. Here now. Whether you are a mother, father, leader, teacher, child, nurse, exec, whether you are responsible for 1 or 1000, you have the power over your inner world. Bringing alive a practice to ensure an optimum instrument (your body/mind) is a power we have as individuals and one which in turn empowers all.

The very reflex of stress and dis-ease in the community today has become the new norm and it sits at the root of illness. It shows that what we are doing is not working. Shifting that reflex requires the attention of the tension, opening up a new pathway of a new world beyond suffering.

Suicide Prevention…What can YOU do?

  • Be the change, get to know your inner technology
  • Meditate, do yoga, tai chi, breath work, inner exploration activities
  • Choose practices and processes that harmonise your body/mind/spirit; physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual. Find your toolkit
  • Choose activities and presence in nature to support your ability to harmonise
  • Do things because you love doing them
  • Be aware of inner dis-ease you feel and choose to harmonise it
  • Tune into ease and harmony often, develop this so it becomes reflex
  • Take a whole being approach of body-mind medicine and awareness-body/mind/spirit, physical, emotion, psychological, spiritual: western, eastern, traditional, ancient forming a perspective of inclusion
  • Explore the holistic approaches and modalities that support equilibrium ie. massage, energy work, acupuncture, reiki, cranial sacral therapy etc
  • Be aware and responsible of the states you are in rather than the traits you show; your state is felt and has an impact on all you are in the presence of. You might look calm, but a knot inside ripples otherwise
  • Tune into appreciation and give attention to things that flourish
  • Develop habits of harmony, develop habits that release tension, develop habits that show you care about your body/mind/spirit
  • Be curious about your instrument body/mind/spirit coherence
  • Put yourself in environments that serve your wellbeing
  • Connect
  • Get your child mind on and explore the inner dimensions of experience
  • Listen to your intuition and wisdom

Do you want to see a change in the ecosystem of the family? 

  • Be the change
  • Embody the above
  • Acknowledge and be curious about the whole human experience in other – body/mind/spirit, physical, emotion, psychological, spiritual
  • Establish an environment at home and school that supports harmony, smells, music, cleanliness, order, declutter
  • Turn off the drama of toxic television
  • Bring habits to the table that support wellbeing, food, thoughts, feelings, movement
  • Use plants inside to allow nature’s harmony to be your environment
  • Tune into what you love and bring what you love in conversations
  • Encourage and value high vibe frequencies(upward spiral), tune more into the high vibe and turn the stations over that are low vibe (downward spirals) of toxicity
  • Let go of talking about other people and start talking about dreams and creative actions
  • Create something together
  • Listen
  • Acknowledge dis-ease when it rises and values the subjective perception of those that express it
  • Encourage attention to the wonderful; appreciation at its finest
  • Encourage inner-exploration in home and invite family to engage in practices of yoga
  • Value intuition and wisdom

Do you want to see your work culture, school transform? – 

  • Be the above
  • Bring programs into the workspace/school that cultivates wellbeing, harmony and coherence, look for a range of different deliveries, not just as a tick of the box but as an intention to an embodiment of wellbeing. Well staff creates well business, creates well solutions, creates well productivity, creates a whole well world
  • Bring the practices alive that create wellbeing and harmony as a new norm within your workspace
  • Listen
  • What does your workspace look like? Is it supporting harmony with smells, visuals, plants & prompts
  • Bring well being alive, do walk meetings, do yoga, meditation, Tai Chi 
  • Have a space for meditation, contemplation, reflection
  • Prioritise self-care for optimum performance and productivity
  • Use prompters of positive psychology around the workspace
  • Tune out of the toxic conversations and tune into and create the uplifting creative inspiring ones
  • Value intuition and wisdom in the workspace

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Suicide Prevention…What can YOU do? Action the above and share this article 🙏🏻

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