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Stress relief for nurses & midwives

Stress relief for nurses & midwives

Stress relief for nurses & midwives: 5 things nurses & midwives need to know about STRESS: dis-ease it creates DISEASE

Stress relief for nurses & midwives is needed more than ever. Understanding more about stress will support your ability to reduce, even prevent stress and burnout.

  1. Stress response needs a rest – Stress can be a great thing to attain focus and attention, but where stress becomes the enemy is when stress is ON all of the time. In western culture stress has become our normal. A car on full throttle without stopping for gas will either burn the motor out or bring itself to a complete stop. You are no different, on full throttle you will burn out, or run out of gas.
  2. Psychological disease, creates physical disease – Chronic stress creates a biochemical mix within your body’s system that doesn’t allow your glands to work at their optimum. Adrenaline and cortisol released constantly, pumping your heart and depleting your stomach, thyroid and sexual organs from vital ingredients for functioning. This constant release and mix of biochemical reactions eventually shows up in illness, whether it is emotional, physical or psychological dis-ease it creates DISEASE.
  3. Stress is making you sick – Dis-ease within your internal system, creates the DISEASE within your system. Awareness of distress is the first step in regulating stress. There are many signals your body is under stress, whether it be short breath, irritation, frustration, clammy hands, headaches, nausea, digestive issues, even a roll of the eyes. Recognising the stress within your system gives you power over your system.
  4. Stresses are mostly unconscious – In today’s society, stress is incredibly subtle, our body is feeling the stress response on auto pilot, it has become our normal. Fear of not looking good, being good enough, not getting it right, not enough money, constant state of fear response within the system, this constant throttle of dis-ease, in time, exposes disease.
  5. Stress limits the learning process – When you are stressed it is very hard to hear, learn and open to the newness. When the stress response is triggered shutting the higher brain functioning to ‘off’ is the reaction. Our minds are open in a calm state, this new information can fire and wire new synapsis of understanding.

You can master your stress response – Self-regulation and self-awareness gives power over your own ability to de-stress. There are tools and practices that fill your tank and take your peddle off the throttle of toxic influx within the system. Stress is what our mind creates, with expectation, outcomes, to do’s, regrets, with ability to regulate what you pay attention to allows the mind to operate in an aware state. This awareness lets go of the future and past and brings attention to the moment for your bodies system to do what it’s born to do and reinvigorate and regenerate.

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5 things you need to know about STRESS: You can master your stress response with practiced self-regulation and self-awareness.

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