Marie Louise

EYI Co Founder

Marie Louise

EYI Co Founder
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Marie Louise co-founder of Evolve Yourself Institute, A published author, facilitator, qualified yoga teacher, master meditator, developer of the ‘System of Self®’ education, adventurer, energy alchemist, guide, player of heart and explorer of living. She is a big fan of elevating the benefits of self-dis-covery and supporting people in engaging in practices that transform inside-out.

Marie Louise is passionate about is seeing people awaken, thrive and BE alive. It is what wakes her up in the morning. She has facilitated EYI SOS programs for thousands of people around the world to guide inner transformation processes. 

Marie guides from embodied learnings of transformational practices. Her personal life experience of loss, childhood sexual abuse, teenage rape and family history of bipolar were catalysts in exposing her to the deep patterns of limitations within the human condition. This process of dis-covery opened pathways of more joy and freedom, allowing the evidence of practice to be in the experience.

Marie’s book, “Discover Worlds Within’ ‘Choose to Evolve’ is the foundation key to the practice of self-awareness. The exploration of different modalities of awareness and techniques are integrated with inner wisdom,  to\ create an effective and efficient curriculum that tunes into what works for this day and age.

Marie loves raising awareness and lifting the silence on all abuse, creating projects ‘Flight for Voice’, ‘Revolve for Peace’ and ‘Silence No More.’ She is a voice for White Ribbon, Bravehearts and ASCA. She’s driven to see those that care for others, care for themselves.

Pain to possibility

Dis-ease to ease

Stuck – flow

Ignorance – awareness

Trauma – transformation

Transforming the way we play in the world. Where wisdom speaks, authenticity rises and the very being of the whole self can express freely.

Marie Louise EYI Coach

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