Marie Louise

EYI Co Founder

Marie Louise

EYI Co Founder
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Marie Louise has the ability to take you to deep places within yourself while thought provoking and delivering concepts for well being and inspired living. Educator, innovator, meditation teacher, yoga teacher, program developer and author – Marie Louise is the Co founder and CEO of EYI, her passion is education of self awareness and supporting the development of empowered living through mind, body, emotional & spiritual awareness.

Marie Louise drive and purpose was ignited with her mothers battle with mental illness, this was the driving force in creating an education that is palatable and engaging to support wellbeing of the whole. Education and experience allow for knowing to rise, developing practices within the education system is a focus Marie does not take lightly, she believes every being has the right to wellbeing. With a love of aligning authenticity, action and supporting awakening of the heart, Marie takes each step with adventure, to feed a life of purposeful living in harmony.

Brought up in a family of eight kids on the East Coast of Australia to live an adult life in the semi-desert of Australia opal mining. Marie’s life shape shifted from 20 years running a drilling company, where her work attire was a hard hat, high vis gear and steel cap boots to author, educator and facilitator of self mastery. Following deep grief, Marie was exposed to silent spaces of self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, fears and inaction in exploring and developing herself. This process forced her to confront the healing needed to take place from child sexual abuse and teenage rape, these processes allowed her to see the embodiment of trauma and develop tools to release trauma from cellular design within the physical.

Her understandings are deeply informed through embodied life experience of awareness and process. Her engagement and exploration in varied practices and processes to release and understand embodied trauma, have supported a raw and real education which offers strategies and concepts to support others inner transformation that deepens perception, happiness, joy and freedom. Opening up a dimensional shift in the very way we can all look at life, work, and the world that we inhabit, offering the possibility of exploring the higher dimensions of life for a fully integrated life. Marie’s book, “Discover Worlds Within’ ‘Choose to Evolve’ is the foundation key to the practice of self awareness. Marie is a qualified yoga teacher, meditation teacher, nlp practitioner and has explored many different modalities of awareness and education to be able to create effective and efficient curriculum. These educations and processes are delivered and spoken in a language of today for transformation. Marie brings traditional teaching alive in a fresh and transformative manner. She is described as a natural orator whose insight is shared and felt deeply within the soul.

Marie loves raising awareness and lifting the silence on all abuse, creating projects ‘flight for voice’, ‘revolve for peace’ and ‘Silence No More’. She is a voice for White Ribbon, Bravehearts and ASCA. Her openness to collaborate, share and work with people with a vision of education, play and potential, is where she is at. Tapping into the state of creativity in flow, with a playful edge is the support and awareness her projection likes to cultivate. ‘Embodiment of our essential self, as individuals, will see the collective transcend our current state of conflict and that is a dance in potentiality itself. Something worth being curious about, don’t you think?’, says Marie.

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