Kerrie Otto de Grancy

EYI Co Founder

Kerrie Otto de Grancy

EYI Co Founder
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Kerrie brings a new meaning to the word ‘inspirational’. She knows what it takes to go from losing to winning on a global scale along with the trials of entrepreneurship, early loss of her father, near loss of her child, the devastation of divorce, abuse, and being a mother of two.

A respected fashionista – running a successful international business, producing for Sass & Bide, Top Shop, Lipsy, Forever 21, including her own fashion label, Otto Mode. An elite athlete – multiple Australian record holder and 100km Running World Championship competitor. A selfless philanthropist – including blood donor awareness inspired by her 24-week premature daughter, and Heart Foundation Ambassador. Been exposed to the hospital environment at age 8 when her father was in a near fatal accident then again at 29 when she spent 116 days in NICU with her 16 week premature daughter, Kerrie developed a desire to give back to those in service.

Kerrie is a successful entrepreneur – tackling stress and workplace wellbeing via her co-founded business Evolve Yourself Institute (EYI) – nurturing lives and improving mental health since 2015.

Kerrie is a motivational speaker sharing her journey, her hunger for life, learning and exploration, her experiences that show the force of facing fears, following truth and how living in alignment with her heart, has such power in opening up to her greater self.

A woman who believes dreams are the steps in seeing a reality formed, Kerrie walks her talk in making things happen. Her focus is supporting and contributing to the cultivation of a more responsive and conscious human collective.

Kerrie says, “The power that comes from self-awareness, exploring within and using tools such as meditation is transformative on the levels of mind, body and spirit. It can be the key to inner peace and turn your life into everything you desire.”

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