Evolve Yourself® Foundation Program for nurses & midwives ONLINE (12 CPD)

Evolve Yourself® Foundation Program for nurses & midwives ONLINE (12 CPD)

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Evolve Yourself® Foundation online program for nurses & midwives offers all nurses (enrolled, registered & nurse practitioners) practical tools and strategies inclusive of education into the world of meditation, mindfulness and self-awareness practices. 


You will develop healthy lifestyle habits like being more mindful, prioritising self-care, wellness and mental health.

Things to know:

  • Our intuitive and interactive app guides you one day at a time
  • We will be by your side for 30 days
  • We meet up once a week via zoom
  • This program is CPD accredited by the Australian College of Nursing
  • You will be part of a nurturing community
  • 30 day money back guarantee

What you get:

  • Coaching and community – get expert advice, accountability and support from your coaches
  • 4 x 1 hr Weekly Zoom coaching sessions (valued at $150 per session)
  • Breath techniques
  • Meditations
  • Mindfulness activations
  • 7 day Evolve Yourself® downloadable Planner
  • Access to the Evolve Yourself® Community
  • Clear actionable tasks

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This ACN 12 CPD accredited interactive online program offers all nurses (enrolled, registered & nurse practitioners) practical tools and strategies inclusive of education into the world of meditation, mindfulness and self-awareness practices to develop: Happiness, self-regulation, communication, compassion, connection and self-responsibility. The outcome: Minimising stress symptoms, improving overall wellbeing and job satisfaction.

We spend a lifetime learning everything outside ourselves, with the EYI education you learn to use your brain, body and emotions as tools for growth. Live tutorials on the workings of the brain, workings of your central nervous system and understanding emotions. A comprehensive understanding on how you work, shared in a language of today, raw, real and effective.

  • 30 DAYS – be coached daily by our leaders
  • SYSTEM OF SELF® EDUCATION – evidence based, accredited for 12 CPD
  • MINDFULNESS & MEDITATION PRACTICES – for at work  & at home
  • MULTI MEDIA DELIVERY – videos, audio , gammification, chat room, live virtual coaching
  • GUIDED MEDITATIONS – 5-20 minutes in length
  • PRACTICAL – designed to start and embody immediately

What does it take?


  • Podcasts – listen to them in your car
  • Playful video content – watch them at leisure
  • Powerful 5 minute daily meditations – where ever, whenever
  • Evolve through weekly reflections – your development matters


Week 1

  • How the brain is structured
  • Why body awareness, neuroscience of brain and body?
  • Practices and processes for higher brain functioning
  • Self awareness practices?
  • What is meditation, how and what?
  • Why meditation?

Meditation – Body Express aka body awareness

Week 2

  • Neural to body pathways
  • Patterns of behaviour and perception?
  • How your environment affects your biochemistry
  • Recognising limiting beliefs
  • Unconscious patterns of limitation

Meditation – Creative Circuit aka Power of Creation

Week 3

  • What is mindfulness?
  • What are emotions?
  • Processing emotions
  • Blocks in the body
  • Self regulation through higher brain functioning
  • Self awareness to self mastery
  • Bringing it into practice?
  • Feel and heal?

Meditation – Mind yoga – mindfulness

Week 4

  • Central Nervous system and the effects of your health
  • Biochemical shifts with emotions
  • External triggers and environmental stimulus. How does it affect your biochemistry?
  • Health and wellness of a calm state
  • How to override outdated patterns of behaviour
  • How fear works on the brain
  • Tools for a fully functioning central nervous system
  • Why breath? A breath practice to calm the central nervous system

Meditation – Stretch and recover AKA healing

Week 5

  • 5 steps to continue growth
  • Focus and its development on the brain to support higher brain functioning
  • Health and wellness pyramid
  • Putting it all together

Meditation – Podium power aka FOCUS

1 review for Evolve Yourself® Foundation Program for nurses & midwives ONLINE (12 CPD)

  1. Louise (verified owner)

    I have recently completed the EYI online nurses program and I am finding it life changing. Understanding the system of self and learning to implement the tools and strategies that EYI teach, is helping me improve the way I perceive situations, react to them and deal with them.
    In our work as nurses we are often emotionally drained, working in areas where our energy levels are being depleted. We must be mindful that our mental/spiritual health is linked intrinsically to our physical health.
    How can we care well for others, if we are not caring holistically for ourselves?
    And the EYI way of learning is far more fun that our traditional paths of learning! Do it! Embrace it!. Expect the unexpected – you will surprise yourself

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Shift your life from survival to a thriving projection. Untangle from limiting beliefs and subconscious reflexes, be active in getting behind the wheel of your body/mind vehicle. When you know yourself you have a greater capacity to know how to navigate your inner world to create a life you love to live.

Evolve Yourself Institute® understands the importance well-being, to maintain resilience, create a healthy mindset and feel joy. You might not be able to change what is happening in the world. But you do have the capacity to modify your reaction to it. Choose happiness today!

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