Evolve Yourself® 30 day Foundation Program

Evolve Yourself® 30 day Foundation Program


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Evolve Yourself® Foundation online program offers practical tools and strategies inclusive of education into the world of meditation, mindfulness and self-awareness practices. 


You will develop healthy lifestyle habits like being more mindful, prioritising self-care, wellness and mental health.

Things to know:

  • Our intuitive and interactive app guides you one day at a time
  • We will be by your side for 30 days
  • We meet up once a week for 4 weeks via zoom
  • This program is CPD accredited by the Australian College of Nursing
  • You will be part of a nurturing community
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • STARTS Soon register now and get your Prep day done!

What you get:

  • Coaching and community – get expert advice, accountability and support from your coaches
  • 4 x 1 hr Weekly Zoom coaching sessions (valued at $1100)
  • Breath techniques
  • Meditations
  • Mindfulness activations
  • 7 day Evolve Yourself® downloadable Planner
  • Access to the Evolve Yourself® Community
  • Clear actionable tasks

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Evolve Yourself Institute® (EYI) has been nurturing the lives since 2015.

Our evidence-based tools and strategy elevate you to navigate and promote mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellness.

Evolve Yourself® 30 day Foundation Program gives the roadmap and the environment for success. Our programs are interactive and effective in keeping people well. Our purpose is to develop your knowledge, skill sets and practices for emotional and physical wellness.  We help you develop your resilience, productivity, EQ, communication, compassion, happiness and job satisfaction.


Excessive stress has a significant impact on wellbeing and quality of life and is a major health issue in society today. Work-related stress is on the increase and is a growing challenge for health care workers, teachers, service providers, managers, organisation’s and the community generally. Unmanaged stress is known to have a detrimental effect on wellbeing, with increased absenteeism, staff turnover, and reduced performance, all of which affect personal and working relationships.

Evolve Yourself® 30 day Foundation Program Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Improved daily habits
  • Awareness and tools to minimise stress symptoms and improve overall wellbeing with mindfulness
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Development of higher brain functioning for self-regulation
  • Improved communication skills and empathy with patients
  • Practices to support the management of a variety of conditions such as anxiety and depression

Our accredited interactive online program offers practical tools and strategies inclusive of education into the world of meditation, mindfulness and self-awareness practices to develop: Happiness, self-regulation, communication, compassion, connection and self-responsibility. The outcome: Minimising stress symptoms, improving overall wellbeing and job satisfaction.

We spend a lifetime learning everything outside ourselves, with the EYI education you learn to use your brain, body and emotions as tools for growth. Live tutorials on the workings of the brain, workings of your central nervous system and understanding emotions. A comprehensive understanding on how you work, shared in a language of today, raw, real and effective.

  • 30 DAYS – be coached daily by our leaders
  • SYSTEM OF SELF® EDUCATION – evidence based
  • MINDFULNESS & MEDITATION PRACTICES – for at work and at home
  • MULTI MEDIA DELIVERY – videos, audio , gammification, chat room and weekly live virtual coaching
  • GUIDED MEDITATIONS – 5 to 20 minutes in length
  • PRACTICAL – designed to start and embody immediately

What does it take?


  • Podcasts – listen to them in your car
  • Playful video content – watch them at leisure
  • Powerful 5 minute daily meditations – where ever, whenever
  • Evolve through weekly reflections – your development matters
  • Micro habit changes for a macro impact


Evolve Yourself® 30 day Foundation Program Week 1

  • How the brain is structured
  • Why body awareness, neuroscience of brain and body?
  • Practices and processes for higher brain functioning
  • Self awareness practices?
  • What is meditation, how and what?
  • Why meditation?

Meditation – Body Express aka body awareness

Evolve Yourself® 30 day Foundation Program Week 2

  • Neural to body pathways
  • Patterns of behaviour and perception?
  • How your environment affects your biochemistry
  • Recognising limiting beliefs
  • Unconscious patterns of limitation

Meditation – Creative Circuit aka Power of Creation

Evolve Yourself® 30 day Foundation Program Week 3

  • What is mindfulness?
  • What are emotions?
  • Processing emotions
  • Blocks in the body
  • Self regulation through higher brain functioning
  • Self awareness to self mastery
  • Bringing it into practice?
  • Feel and heal?

Meditation – Mind yoga – mindfulness

Evolve Yourself® 30 day Foundation Program Week 4

  • Central Nervous system and the effects of your health
  • Biochemical shifts with emotions
  • External triggers and environmental stimulus. How does it affect your biochemistry?
  • Health and wellness of a calm state
  • How to override outdated patterns of behaviour
  • How fear works on the brain
  • Tools for a fully functioning central nervous system
  • Why breath? A breath practice to calm the central nervous system

Meditation – Stretch and recover AKA healing

Evolve Yourself® 30 day Foundation Program Week 5

  • 5 steps to continue growth
  • Focus and its development on the brain to support higher brain functioning
  • Health and wellness pyramid
  • Putting it all together

Meditation – Podium power aka FOCUS

EYI focuses on teaching essential skills and self-care tools to front line workers and corporate professionals that need it most.Maria Pawelek, Director of Legal at Milkbox Sarl, INSEAD IDP-C 2021

The NSW Waratahs Gen Blue youth development squad engaged in a combined online and face to face program with EYI which introduced the players to practices which gave them greater awareness of their inner self and others. Over 5 weeks they developed skill sets to control and improve their emotional, mental and physical wellness. I have no hesitation in recommending EYI to any organisation, as it will be a benefit all who are involved.” – Patrick McCutcheon, Olympian, Professional Rugby Union Player, Elite Youth Manager NSW Waratahs

“An amazing program by EYI. Switched on and with sophisticated knowledge of current research and trends in mind body evolution, this team does not disappoint. Thank you for giving us the tools to use effectively every day to help us truly engage with intelligence and mindfulness in our interpersonal relationships, the workplace and with a collective consciousness.” Kay Schubach, Heart Foundation Philanthropy Executive, Major Gifts

The quality of the program developed is incomparable. I truly hope anyone curious has the opportunity to experience the eyi program and the chance to get to know Kerrie ad Marie– Dominique Green, Program Manager at the National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy

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