How fit is your brain?® self-care workshop for Nurses & Midwives Melbourne (8 CPD)

How fit is your brain?® self-care workshop for Nurses & Midwives Melbourne (8 CPD)


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2018 NURSES AND MIDWIVES HAPPINESS AND MINDS MATTER. Experience a CPD day like no other. Nurture and nourishment for the mind, body and spirit.

*Limited Spaces

  • MELBOURNE Monday July 27, 2020 9AM-5PM, at the Art Series The Larwill, 48 Flemington Rd, Parkville VIC

This 8 hour full day workshop offers practical self-care tools and strategies to beat stress, anxiety and burnout.*Please note tickets are transferable but non refundable. Transfer fee of $85 applies.

“This workshop is endorsed by ACN according to our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Endorsed Course Standards. It has been allocated 8 CPD hours according to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia – Continuing Professional Development Standard.”



Learn the workings of the brain, reconnect to the sensory body, get a grip on emotions and use them all as tools.

Discover unconscious layers of your beliefs and conditionings based from your past.

Explore yoga, mindfulness and meditation and indulge in nourishing foods.

Have fun! Be Nurtured! And leave equipped with simple life changing tools and concepts.

Our purpose is to develop nurses knowledge, skill sets and practices for emotional and physical wellness. The How fit is your brain?® nurses and midwives day workshop offers tools, strategies and concepts to prevent anxiety, stress, depression and illness.

The purpose of this practical one day workshop is to provide an introduction into mindfulness and self-awareness practices, offering a deep understanding as to why you would want to embrace the practices. Participants will gain insight into the EYI education, activations and practices inclusive of meditation and breath. This workshop is practical based and utilises an engaging multimedia delivery for skill development, in a language that is today.

Develop your resilience, productivity, EQ, communication, compassion, happiness and job satisfaction.


Excessive stress has a significant impact on wellbeing and quality of life and is a major health issue in society today. Work-related stress is on the increase and is a growing challenge for health care workers, teachers, service providers, managers, organisation’s and the community generally. Unmanaged stress is known to have a detrimental effect on staff wellbeing, with increased absenteeism, staff turnover, and reduced performance, all of which affect working relationships.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • How to minimise stress symptoms and improve overall wellbeing with mindfulness
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Development of higher brain functioning for self-regulation
  • Improved communication skills and empathy with patients
  • Practices to support the management of a variety of conditions such as anxiety and depression

What you get:

  • Education
  • EYI System of Self (SOS) training manual ‘Discover Worlds Within’ by Marie Louise
  • Day Work book
  • Playful processing
  • 60 minute Yoga session
  • Breath Practice
  • 7 downloadable meditations
  • 7 day Planner
  • Multi media delivery
  • Certificate on completion for 8 CPD points
  • A healthy and mindful morning tea, Lunch and afternoon tea
  • Special rates for accomodation at the respective venues

Some recent feedback:

“Thank you for a truly amazing day. I’ve loved every moment, I’m coming away with tools that will alleviate my suffering and old beliefs, for me to embrace my own greatness. ”  Mary Mulchaly,  Prince of Wales Nurse Educator

“Everyone (especially teachers) deserve this experience and knowledge. I feel refreshed and ready to take life on! Every school needs this. EYI you have changed my life”. Elizabeth O’Donnell Educator, NSW

“Today has consolidated the importance of using breath, meditation and reflection to help me look after others at work and home. I now have practical and useful strategies that I can easily implement into my daily life. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.” Jodie Moore NSW Health Nurse Educator

“An amazing presentation and program by Marie and Kerrie at EYI. Switched on and with sophisticated knowledge of current research and trends in mind body evolution, this team does not disappoint. Thank you for giving us the tools to use effectively every day to help us truly engage with intelligence and mindfulness in our interpersonal relationships, the workplace and with a collective consciousness.” Kay Schubach, Heart Foundation Philanthropy Executive, Major Gifts

Join us before June 13!

Supporting YOU by Evolve Yourself Institute, a game changing 30 day exploration into self-awareness. With the current daily changes and growing amount of fear, now more than ever, it is important we stay connected, calm and self-aware. We will meditate, breathe, self-reflect, laugh and learn!

We are not alone, together we can flourish.