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Overcoming anxiety

Overcoming anxiety in 6 steps

Overcoming anxiety in 6 steps when presenting. We ALL experience anxiety at some point and imposter syndrome, even our heroes and those at the top of their game. A couple of weeks ago I experienced a little of this so am inspired to share what steps I took to get through it.

Overcoming anxiety in 6 steps before your presentation at work or as a speaker, appearance on radio, podcast, T.V, speaking with someone about an important issue…could be your boss, partner or child.

1. Prepare and then trust you have done the preparation
2. Letting go of the outcome, give yourself permission to experience the situation for what it is
3. Be yourself nobody is better qualified
4. Meditate prior – to clear your mind (Try our Letting Go meditation HERE)
5. Breathe prior – to bring yourself to the present moment
6. Set an intention for the outcome to be of the highest service to self and other

To watch my mini 3 minute share on this head over to our instagram and find this episode on our Wisdom Wednesday IGTV channel.

“Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.”
—Charles Spurgeon

When I am going through the motion of overcoming anxiety in 6 steps on the day or in the moment I can still get butterflies and feel nervous, so I just dive into my breath and breathe and breathe again. It is a little like feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Fear can be a GREAT tool, it helps keep us safe. The trick is to be present enough to know when fear is serving you and when fear is plain old holding you back from a great life experience, from achieving dreams and growing.

I hope these 6 steps help you!

In kindness,


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