I am too busy to meditate, how will I find the time?    IMG_1898

No longer do we have to run to the mountains to take on a yogi mind. The more you say you have no time, the more you need to make time, you will benefit from it.

Is it just a meditation program?

This is not just a meditation program, this is the foundation program to learn everything about yourself. Mind, body, emotions, physical, spiritual, metaphysical, relationships, desires, blocks and limitations, what makes you tick and how to start to be the master of every gift you were born with. This allows us to see all that we are to be all we were born to be

What age is this course suitable for?

The meditation practices is suitable for all ages. The tutorials are suitable for 14 years and older.

What if I already have a practice of meditation?

There is more in this course than meditation. The tools and knowledge shared in the EYI program will develop many aspects of growth and awareness to ensure the embodiment and awareness of your intuition and internal wisdom.

Will it help stress, anxiety or fear?

Head Exploding

Stress, anxiety and fear are patterns within the human condition. These responses however have become a chronic reactive state which limits the human body, mind and spirit from working at its optimum. These chronic states, trigger internal biochemical reaction within the body that create illness. When mastery over internal states is ignited and the power you have over those states is realised supporting your ability to overcome, stress anxiety and fear becomes your power. Learning tools and practices to gain awareness and power over your internal state is what you will be learning.

How much time do I need to give it?

We suggest one hour a week with the actions of the 5 minute moments incorporated into your daily life. These practices can be done anywhere, anytime, whenever you have 5 minutes. Note: It takes around 30 days to create a habit and 90 days for ingrained behaviour modification.

I will never understand the brain, isn’t it complicated?

We share the information needed for you to get what you need,  for the practice of self mastery. You do not need to be a neuroscientist to understand how you work to gain mastery. Learning simple concepts around your inner workings is where the experience of the practices allows for deeper understanding.

Is it a religion?

EYI is not a religion. We offer tools, concepts and strategies for you to discover yourself and lead your life in all of your power. It is not about believing anything, it is more in alignment with questioning all beliefs. The EYI system can be integrated into any cultural or personal understandings. It will continue to morph and change, as does our environment.

Do I need to be spiritual?

We at EYI see spirituality as an opening to grow all facets of you: emotional, physical and spiritual. The word can often be already boxed into the ideas of what your experience or perception of the word means, however, spirituality is being curious and active into the deeper layers of you. We at EYI see you as the leader of you and encourage an open mind for your connection see your greater self.

We want you to learn to listen to your wisdom, your voice, your knowing and the more connected your are to all facets of existence, physical, emotional and spiritual, the more you are able to access your whole self.

We open up to experience the experience without expectation and allow that to speak for itself, however you choose to word it.

What if I can not commit to the whole program?

Ask yourself ‘what brought you here in the first place’? ‘Do I owe myself the best opportunities to better my being?’ We know once you experience the magic of meditation and self discovery commitment will be a life long choice.

How do we know the programs are effective?


Our education blends many modalities of wisdom which are evidence based practices supported by neuroscience,  mindfulness, movement, breath, yoga, meditation, technology and subjective practical experiences. Evidence is in the experience.

Do I need to be in Australia to purchase a program?

EYI is global. Our mission is to ensure everyone has accessibility to our programs.

How can I pay?

One direct payment. We accept  Visa and Mastercard with an option for paypal.

Is it safe to pay online?

We use all the latest SSL security to ensure your information is completely safe. We don’t actually store any credit card information ourselves, we use one of the largest payment gateway providers in the world to look after all that for us.

How do I access my program?

Click on Buy Now in the shop or Buy Now on the meditation boot camp description page under pricing or at the top of the product page under Sign Up Now. Once you make a purchase you will automatically become an EYI member.

How can I be part of the forum and community?

Once you sign up we will send you all information and access links to get you jumping into the community culture.

How can I tell I am developing in my meditation practice?

The doorway of saying yes to this great tool, usually comes with some inspo from the science or someone you know has said you should try it. After a short while of engaging in the practice you start to notice subtle differences in how you respond to life. THIS IS PROGRESS.
How you experience your life will be the incentive to continue your practice. You watch, stop for a week or so and you will notice the small shifts. Give yourself the pat on the back you deserve, less irritability, more ease, stopping yourself in a thought pattern, all of these things make up progress. These are your wins

Do I have to make my mind blank in meditation?

Good luck with that one. Your mind is going to think that is the gift of the mind, but what rises in meditation is the attention to those thoughts are no longer your focus. There will be words, sentences and stories, but as soon as you see yourself put a few words together you acquire the skill to look away and watch them float on by. This allows more space between the words, in turn, more space and ease in life.

If a fly is buzzing and annoying me, can a push it away?

You don’t have to be a rock on a mountain and absolutely still. Instead of reacting to the fly, watch your reaction, then choose, maybe you won’t need to shoo the fly away or maybe you will, just do it with all of your awareness.

What about lying down?

Lying down is not recommended, not because you need to look like a yogi, but the tendency to fall asleep is what happens in the lying position. Sitting up does not trigger the sleep pattern. However, if lying down is possible without falling asleep, go right ahead.

What should I do about the restlessness or discomfort I experience while meditating?

You are not alone, this is very normal, the agitation you are feeling is exactly what you are there to do. Believe it or not, this is one of its gifts. Day to day living can wire your body up like a coil, beginning to sit in that coil with awareness, allows it to unravel. This allows your body to operate without the wired nervous frenzied energy that is encapsulated within the body. Accepting the restlessness and discomfort allows it to move on.

Can children meditate?

This tool is for everyone, children are the best at diving into a meditative state, it seems they don’t have as much conditioning and patterns of thought that more mature people have. A person who starts meditation from a young age can really bring that presence into life quickly.

What is a multimedia delivery?

Multimedia delivery – we use video and audio during the day mixed with practical exercises, movement, breath, yoga, meditation. We utilise the combination of visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning so people walk away with a deeper experiential understanding of the education.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio of information or discussion on a particular topic, you can listen to it in the car, on a bus, walking or lying in your bed.

Do I need to do the online program at a certain time?

No. You can access the program anytime. Work your way through the units and modules in you own time.

The online program is available to you 24hrs a day, it is great to set a time each week to bring on consistency, but chipping away any time is the freedom online delivers.

How long does the online program take?

Although the online is 12 hours CPD, these 12 hours are not in front of the computer. It comprises of your practices you will be engaging in throughout the day, ie. meditations, breath, video tutorials and podcasts.

What kind of commitment does the program need?

The program requires 1 hour a week of reflection processes and tutorials for 5 weeks, but you can decide how you do that one hour per week for 5 weeks.

When and how will I receive my certificate?

You will receive the certificate via email on completion of the program. If you are a teacher we are advised of completion and we register your completion with NESA.

Why would I choose to do the value bundle workshop + online?

The workshop brings the WHY? Alive, it is very experiential and you will have a complete understanding and knowledge as to why it is so important to engage with practices that support wellbeing. The online programs brings the practice into habitual change. You walk away with inspiration and then the support online keeps you on track for daily modification and learnings. Learning practices and processes for change takes new habits and awareness, we want to give you the best chance for wellbeing. Not to mention you save money.

How much do I save doing the bundle?

$79 and gain 20 CPD HRS for nurses and 12 PD HRS for teachers

Can I pay off my programs in part payments?

Yes EYI uses Partial.ly, a part payment provider. Our payment plans require a 25% initial payment then a few small weekly payments for the balance. There is no excuse to get your game on.

Is there a fee for using Partial.ly

Yes there is a $21 part payment fee.

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I want my school to be on board what do I do?

Follow the link to download a brochure for your school engagement and share it with your principal HERE

I would love our hospital to engage with Evolve Yourself Institute! How?

Follow the link to download a brochure for your school engagement and share it with your principal HERE

What if I need to cancel or transfer my attendance at an EYI workshop?

Workshop tickets cancelled less than 3 weeks out from commencement are transferable but non refundable. A transfer fee of $85 applies.

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OTHER FAQS on our products

What’s the difference between the 30 day challenge and the 12 hr CPD?

  • The 30 day challenge is run via an app and is generic for anyone to participate in and runs over 30days with daily actions. It has a set start and finish date. It is not accredited for CPD
  • The 5 week Nurses & Midwives online program is designed to go over 5 weeks – 5 modules at your own pace, start anytime. It is accredited for 12 CPD

What about the workshop? Is it the same as the online CPD?

The online and workshop are designed to be standalone programs and to support each other. The online will support the days learning and help create habit change.

Nothing beats a workshop experience for learning with the group work, practical experience and face to face education.


For more info on meditation head HERE

Can I contact you if I have any questions?

We are available through email: info@eyi.global. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

How can I contact customer support?

For all Subscriber and Member enquiries please click here

Alternatively, you can call Customer Support on +61 2 8007 3268 Support hours: Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5pm (we take our self-care seriously and weekends are all about indulging in self- care )


For further questions please contact us at info@eyi.global

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