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Nurses & Midwives Mindfulness-CPD

Nurses & Midwives Mindfulness-CPD

Nurses & Midwives Mindfulness-CPD programs for individuals and hospitals. ACN and ACM Accredited.

Evolve Yourself® with EYI CPD Self-awareness workshops and online programs improving performance, increasing happiness levels, reducing stress levels, anxiety and burnout.

Our programs are for those seeking a happier and healthier experience of life. Interactive workshops, digital courses and retreats, informed by modern psychology, science, lived education and ancient wisdom. Incorporating the great tools of mindfulness and meditation to support you to use your inner technology; mind, body and emotions rather than them use you!

Nurses & Midwives Mindfulness-CPD. Start today and create real, lasting positive change.

How fit is your brain?® more than mindfulness; Self-care workshop for Nurses, Midwives & Carers

The purpose of the practical one day workshop is to provide an introduction into mindfulness and self awareness practices, offering a deep understanding as to why you would want to embrace the practices. Participants will gain insight into the EYI education, activations and practices inclusive of meditation and breath that can be used to reduce stress and risk, improve wellbeing and enhance care in the workplace. This workshop is practical based and utilises an engaging multi media delivery for skill development, in a language that is today. More details HERE

A new education path for nurses: a programme with a difference. For me, life changing, I’m managing to implement the EYI tools / strategies to improve the way I perceive situations, react to them and deal with them. Their philosophy is to bring together tools, strategies and concepts for personal and collective growth. – Louise Stevens, RN

What do you get in each workshop?


  • CPD accredited education
  • EYI System of Self (SOS) training manual ‘Discover Worlds Within’ by Marie Louise
  • Day Work book
  • Playful processing
  • 60 minute Yoga session
  • Breath Practice
  • 7 downloadable meditations
  • 7 day Planner
  • Multi media delivery
  • A nourishing and mindful morning tea, Lunch and afternoon tea
  • Certificate on completion for 8 CPD points
  • Special rates for accomodation at the respective venues
  • 20 CPD Bundle option available, evolve your days learnings online with 30 days of interactive coaching

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Meditation as medicine

Evolve Yourself® 30days of self-enquiry

Join us before January 30

Evolve Yourself® 30days of self-enquiry. An exploration into self-awareness. Our interactive app experience has you coached by us in real time keeping you inspired & accountable. Our weekly live Zoom workshops are rich in content & wisdom. We will meditate, breathe, self-reflect, laugh & learn!

Choose to evolve, that is the luxury of being human.