Nurses, Midwives & carers, help is here. Have you got the tools and resources to beat burnout?

Reduce stress, align with more joy, compassion and elevated living, experience CPD like no other. Let us provide you essential support via our evidence based CPD accredited training programs. Learn tools and concepts that enhance emotional and psychological wellness and achieve:

  1. 1. Reduction in conflict, stress and anxiety
  2. 2. Developed communication, less reactivity
  3. 3. Increased engagement
  4. 4. More happiness
  5. 5. Reduction in sick leave 


Creating a culture of self-care through self-discovery.

Join us for our Nationally accredited CPD Evolve Yourself® Day workshop for nurses and midwives.

We take an integrated approach when educating, drawing upon the latest in scientific research, the science of yoga, positive psychology, neuroscience, somatic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness to create an education appropriate for today.

After working with 1000’s of nurses and midwives we are more passionate than ever to see you thrive. Book now and join us for a day for you, about you. You matter!

Nurses and Midwives

Get your life, energy and joy back in building a thriving life. Experience the only ‘nurse & midwife’ CPD accredited’ self-awareness education in Australia.

Our Workshops

8 CPD $299 

Value bundle 20CPD (workshop + online) only $399 

Evolve Yourself® Foundation workshop for Nurses, Midwives & Carers

The purpose of the practical one day workshop is to provide an introduction to techniques and self-awareness practices that transform wellness effectively. The day offers a deep understanding as to why you would want to embrace the practices. Participants will gain insight into the EYI education, activations and practices inclusive of meditation, mindfulness, movement, and breath that can be used to reduce stress and risk, improve wellbeing and enhance care in the workplace. This workshop is practically based and utilises an engaging multimedia delivery for skill development, in a language that is today.

Looking to make sustainable changes? Then our bundle offering is for you. Get coached for a month through our app, accessible on desktop and your smart phone. Be kept accountable in creating habits that open your mind and body to the transformation of wellness.



Tuesday February 8, 2022

  9AM – 5PM, Art Series The Johnson Hotel, 477 Boundary Street Spring Hill, Queensland, 4000




February, 2022 Email expressions of interest to

9AM – 5PM




Monday February 21, 2022

9AM – 5PM, Novotel Oasis Cairns




2022. Email expressions of interest to

9AM – 5PM 


What do you get in each workshop?


  • CPD accredited education
  • EYI System of Self (SOS) training manual ‘Discover Worlds Within’ by Marie Louise
  • Day Work book
  • Playful processing
  • 60 minute Yoga session
  • Breath Practice
  • 7 downloadable meditations
  • 7 day Planner
  • Multi media delivery
  • A nourishing and mindful morning tea, Lunch and afternoon tea
  • Certificate on completion for 8 CPD points
  • Special rates for accomodation at the respective venues
  • 20 CPD Bundle option, evolve your days learnings online

Systems that work

Learn tools that work, develop staff engagement, connection, compassion and communication, for productivity and performance to be at your best

Less Depression75%
Less Anxiety30%
More Well-Being65%

EYI has been nurturing the lives of nurses and midwives since 2016.

Our evidence-based tools and strategy elevate nurses and midwives to navigate and promote mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellness.

Evolve Yourself Institute education gives the roadmap and the environment for success. Our programs are interactive and effective in keeping our frontline service people well. 

Let your experience be the evidence.

It takes action – Let’s cut to the chase in change TOGETHER.


“This workshop is endorsed by ACN according to our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Endorsed Course Standards. It has been allocated 8 CPD hours according to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia – Continuing Professional Development Standard.”

What Does the Day Look Like?

8.30am Registration

9am – 10am

  • What is mindfulness & meditation
  • Why mindfulness & meditation
  • Latest studies of the benefits of mindfulness
  • Practice mindfulness techniques

10am – 10.15am break

10.15– 12pm

  • Brain structure
  • Fight, flight – stress response. Understanding a reactive mindset &
  • developing a responsive mindset
  • Why body awareness? Feedback loops of the brain & body
  • Practices and processes to support self regulation
  • Self awareness practices
  • Reflection of behaviours, actions & thoughts
  • Who is the culture? & Where & how does culture change happen?

12pm – 1pm Yoga Session

1pm – 1.30pm Lunch

1.30pm – 3.30pm

  • Stress and it’s effects in the human body
  • Central nervous system and the effects of your health
  • Biochemical shifts with emotions
  • External triggers and environmental stimulus,
  • recognising shifts in internal states.
  • Identify the effects of stress in your own mind & body
  • Health & wellness of a calm state
  • Tools for regulating your internal state

3.30pm – 4pm – Breath Experience

4pm – 5.00pm

  • Putting it together – How to make it happen in life
  • Consider the practical learnings and how to apply it
  • How to manage life situations, emotional moments to
  • challenging situations and build strategies for resilience
  • Communication – Connection – Empathy
  • Mindful conversation with colleagues and patients
  • Strategic planning and practical steps for home practice

5.00pm Day concludes


Experienced and Relatable

Support Line for Nurses & Midwives

Nurses and Midwives have access to Nurse & Midwife Support, a 24/7 national support service for nurses and midwives providing access to confidential advice and referral.

Nurse and Midwife Support is an initiative by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA). It is run by Turning Point, a leading addiction treatment, research and education organisation.

Call 1800 667 877  Click here to access Nurse & Midwife Support now. 

Shift your life from survival to a thriving projection. Untangle from limiting beliefs and subconscious reflexes, be active in getting behind the wheel of your body/mind vehicle. When you know yourself you have a greater capacity to know how to navigate your inner world to create a life you love to live.

Evolve Yourself Institute® understands the importance well-being, to maintain resilience, create a healthy mindset and feel joy. You might not be able to change what is happening in the world. But you do have the capacity to modify your reaction to it. Choose happiness today!

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