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CPD virtual workshop. Nurture and nourishment for the mind, body and spirit.


Your Mind Matters!

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, stuck, bullied and stressed?

Are you running on auto pilot? Experiencing sleeplessness or finding yourself being short and snappy?

Do you find yourself consistently fulfilling the needs of a roster that keeps pulling you in, your friends, your family, the children’s school, the local footy or netball team, giving only to the outside world?

It’s time to re prioritise and start to fill your own cup.

Nurses, Midwives & Carers

Get your life, energy and joy back at work and home. Experience the only ‘teacher, nurse & midwife’ CPD accredited’ self-awareness education in Australia.

Our Virtual Workshop + 30 days Online Support

+ 20 CPD for only $299 normally $399

Make self-care a priority

We have options choose what suits you…Opt in for our value bundle where you will have our EYI coaches personally motivate and support you over the 30 days. Gain 20 CPD hours and get results that can improve your mood, sleep, weight, work and home life. OR you may have already completed our online training so join us for the weekly 2 hr Zoom workshops, let’s take your learnings next level!!

How fit is your brain?® more than mindfulness; Self-care workshop for Nurses, Midwives & Carers

The purpose of the practical 8 hour workshop is to provide an introduction into mindfulness and self awareness practices, offering a deep understanding as to why you would want to embrace the practices.

Participants will gain insight into the EYI education, activations and practices inclusive of meditation and breath that can be used to reduce stress and risk, improve wellbeing and enhance care in the workplace.

This workshop is practical based and utilises an engaging multi media delivery for skill development, in a language that is today.



Starts Tuesday August 25 (2hrs a week for 4 weeks) 

  9.30am – 11.30am




Starts Tuesday September 22nd (2 hrs a week for 4 weeks)

  3.30pm – 5.30pm




Starts Tuesday October 27 (2 hrs a week for 4 weeks)

  9.30am – 11.30am


See What Others are Saying

“Everybody’s worth it, everybody is worth this journey. Honestly. Because I know where I came from and was not open minded to this and it just opened a world of wonder and not just for me. The effect on others has been extremely rewarding. As a mother, daughter, friend, manager. Oh my God, why haven’t I done this 10 years ago? (laughs), well I am here now”

Marie Gatefait 

What do you get in each workshop?


  • CPD accredited education
  • EYI System of Self (SOS) training manual ‘Discover Worlds Within’ by Marie Louise
  • Day Work book
  • Playful processing
  • 60 minute Yoga session
  • Breath Practice
  • 7 downloadable meditations
  • 7 day Planner
  • Multi media delivery
  • A nourishing and mindful morning tea, Lunch and afternoon tea
  • Certificate on completion for 8 CPD points
  • Special rates for accomodation at the respective venues
  • 20 CPD Bundle option, evolve your days learnings online

Systems that work

Learn tools that work, develop staff engagement, connection, compassion and communication, for productivity and performance to be at your best

Less Depression75%
Less Anxiety30%
More Well-Being65%


“This workshop is endorsed by ACN according to our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Endorsed Course Standards. It has been allocated 8 CPD hours according to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia – Continuing Professional Development Standard.”

What Does the Workshop look like?

Part 1

-What is mindfulness/meditation, how and where?

-Why mindfulness/meditation?

-Latest studies of the benefits of mindfulness meditation

-Practice mindfulness technique

Part 2

-Brain Structure

-Fight, flight – stress response

-Stress and its effects in the human body

-Central Nervous system and the effects of your health

-Biochemical shifts with emotions

-External triggers and environmental stimulus, recognising shifts in internal states?

-Identify the effects of stress in your own mind and body

Part 3 Yoga Session

Part 4

-Health and wellness of a calm state

-Why body awareness? Feedback loops of the brain and body

-Practices and processes to support self-regulation

-Self-awareness practices

-Reflection of behaviours, actions and thoughts

-Breath and its benefits

-Tools for a regulating internal state

Part 5

-Putting it together – How to make it happen in life.

-Consider the practical learnings of today and how you can apply it.

-How to manage life situations, emotional moments to challenging situations and build strategies for resilience

-Communication – Connection – Empathy

-Mindful conversation with colleagues and patients

-Strategic planning and practical steps for home practice

Thought provoking, inspiring and educational. Tailored to all things wellbeing and more than delivered on its promise. Will benefit any nurse, midwife or student who is seeking a greater level of self-awareness and more peace in their life.

Mark Aitken
Consultant & Stakeholder Engagement Manager at Nurse & Midwife Support, Registered Nurseales Hospital, Sydney, NSW


Experienced and Relatable

Marie Louise

Marie Louise focus and purpose was ignited by her mother’s battle with mental illness, this was the driving force in a lifetime of research into the functioning of the brain, body and emotional patterns. Marie has been studying how we work for over 30 years and practicing in the field of human behaviour and self-mastery for over a decade.

Her adventures of self discovery have seen her run to the Himalayas, push her body and mind to physical and mental extremes, process and overcome years of child sexual abuse, teenage rape and divorce. Her personal experience of processing years of abuse gives her the understanding of embodied trauma and what is necessary to move beyond it. Marie is an accomplished Author of ‘Discover Worlds Within’, co founder of Evolve Yourself Institute and she absolutely loves aligning authenticity and action to support the awakening of the heart. Marie believes every being has the right to wellbeing, Marie says, “With a little knowledge, practical tools and strategies individuals are able to create a life lived well.”

Her insight into human behaviour is second to none and bringing complex system to life simply is what she does best.

Kerrie Otto de Grancy

Entrepreneur, business woman and self-awareness specialist. Kerrie is founder of Fashion Label otto mode and Co-founder of Evolve Yourself Institute, a regular writer for health and wellness publications, former Elite athlete in the discipline of ultra-running (50 and100km). She is an Australian record holder and dynamo mum to two young children. Kerrie is an incredibly driven, passionate and energetic lady who thrives on a challenge, change and the possibilities of human potential.

Having led an entrepreneurial life for over a decade Kerrie knows what it takes to go from losing to winning on a global scale. This established fashionista, mum and elite athlete also knows the trials of balancing business and family life, the near loss of a child, the devastation of divorce, abuse and life as a single parent. Kerrie believes we all have the ability to thrive no matter what life throws at us. Kerrie says “With awareness, self-belief the right tools and education no matter the circumstance it is possible to find peace, love, happiness, connection and grow.”

Kerrie’s energy, passion for life and human potential is infectious. A woman who thrives on challenge, creation and seeing others rise.


Hayley Sloan

I feel like I can now better understand why I feel the way I feel with certain situations. I like that I now Know I have the power to change it. I feel I will now be less anxious in stressful situations with these new tools. I recommend this day, very useful tools for work but also for life.

Hayley Sloan
Nurse, NSW

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