Is meditation the key to greatness?

We know that meditation is a health and wellness potion, but could it also be the elixir for success? The ancient practice of meditation has not changed for thousands of years and has been experienced by mystics, artists and inventors as a tool for their greatness. Some of the greatest minds in history – Albert Einstein, Isaac...
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Energy in motion

EMOTION is the energy in motion we get to experience as humans Where do you let emotions rule your life? Emotions are part of the luxury of being human. They are an absolute gift. They animate who we are as individuals. They give us the experience of joy, sadness, excitement, anxious and anger, just to...
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Living life from the heart

‘Heart hunches’, ‘gut feelings’ and ‘just knowing’ are things we say every day. What were once considered simply as expressions used to describe our intuition, is now growing in scientific fields suggesting that the heart actually does play a role in how we process information. Not only that, there are studies that are confirming that...
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