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Conscious leadership development

INSIDE OUT Evolve Yourself®


Evolve Yourself® Grow Personally & Professionally.

Where Leaders develop the self-awareness, skills and tools to navigate change with confidence wisdom and ease.

SelfAwareness: The Essence of Effective Leadership.

This program is designed specifically to create conscious leaders, up-skill their ability to facilitate, lead and engage with authenticity. Develop the capacity to elevate, include and support teams through your own being and presence, to greater self (and other) awareness.

Awareness Changes Everything®

Discover your true leadership potential – use the intelligence of inner wisdom to lead from the heart, for a radical shift in transformational leadership.

The EYI Leadership Program
An embodied action plan, creating authentic leaders


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The training will explore inner and interpersonal strategy and skillsets for continual development. Lead others through mindfulness processes and develop a culture of coherence, trust and inclusion while building the capacity for individuals and teams to embody and enhance JOY, COMPASSION and KINDNESS.


In order to progress to this leadership program you must have completed the Phase 1 and Phase 2 prerequisites.

Phase 1 Prerequisite: EYI Day workshop 
Phase 2 Prerequisite: EYI 30 day interactive online program

Phase 3: EYI Leadership program (6 months)

An EYI mindful mentor is an individual who has elected to embody, lead, inspire and encourage their peers and team to make self-care a priority and to adopt a more mindful approach to life and living.

What You Will Learn


Compassion; self and other – meaning, actions and practice


Leadership strategy for a sustained mindful practice within the culture


Self-care and wellbeing development within the culture


Higher communication and connection with team and patient


Culture development


Responsibility both of self and others


Use your voice, guidance and authentcity to create deep an environment of trust


Develop an understanding and embodiment of heart based leadership


Dive deeply into the energetic field of consciousness and the impact you have on it, transforming inside out


Practical application and strategy for ongoing growth and connection


Build a greater level of awareness of the organisation’s environment


Create organisations that thrive and flourish


Make collaborative decisions


Align to personal and organisational values


Improve own performance


Align to personal and organisational values


Understand the energetic states of self and supporting the awareness of energetic state of your environment to flourish


Know your impact and become mindful of how your words and actions in formal and informal ways, feed into the environment


Developed a personal meditation, movement and breath practice to support continual growth, self esteem, self development, self understanding

Through completion of this program, you can become a certified SOS mindfulness mentor and meditation facilitator



40 hours of self-development over the 6 months includes, 1 hr weekly/fortnightly virtual coaching sessions and online education components. Online components 1 hour per week over 6 months


60 hours of personal practice – Self-record your hours as you strengthen 4 to 5 mindfulness techniques. Together with your instructor you will review your progress and determine new avenues for personal growth


20 hours of reflective reading to expand upon your knowledge of the subject. You’ll learn new ways to apply what you’ve read so that what you learn moves from theoretical understanding to a practical and experiential embodiment


10 hours of creating your delivery with one-on-one support, you’ll spend 10 hours creating something to directly offer to your team


1 day face to face training (training days held 3 times per year in Sydney and dependant availability days can be run in conjunction with various EYI Foundation day workshops around Australia)


Optional retreat A weekend graduation retreat in a fabulous location immersed in nature

Some of our Clients

A System that works

Integrated, Contemporary and Adaptable.

Less Depression75%
Less Anxiety30%
More Well-Being65%

power of mindfulness and meditationAs a result of the System of Self training I’ve had many valuable changes at a personal & professional level. Living & embracing awareness & mindfulness has opened multiple doors for me to more effective communication, quality interactions, meaningful relationships & more happiness as a general feeling. The kind connection I have made with myself strengthens the connections I have with others now. I strongly encourage anybody but more particularly managers to embark on this journey as the rewards come fast & are sustainable as I will never go back to the old patterns.

Marie Gatefait, Nurse Unit Manager |  Emergency and Assessment Services |  Integrated and Ambulatory Care Services Gold Coast Health

Create a better workplace and become an accredited EYI mindfulness leader and meditation facilitator today.

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