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Meet our friend with the care factor: Mark Aitken, of Nurse & Midwife Support

At EYI, we have the privilege to cross paths with many extraordinarily caring people who share our value of leading with heart and just like us, want to help others to reach their full potential and live in health and wellness. Mark Aitken of Nurse & Midwife Support is one of those.


How we met

One of Mark’s team discovered our programs, jumped on board them and insisted we connect with Mark. Since then we have aligned on many great projects and in raising each others voice.


Marks professional experience

Supporting nurses, midwives and students is a passion for Mark.

Mark cares that those in the care and service of others receive support whenever they need it. 

  • Registered Nurse (RN, BA, Grad Dip Critical Care Nursing Grad Dip Counselling (MACN): a veteran nurse with 35 years experience
  • Senior Health/Aged care Administrator: 15 years
  • Nurse & Midwife Support 3 years


His lightbulb moment

That self- care is vital to success as a nurse or midwife or both! Giving myself permission to make self-care a daily routine. Spreading this message to nurses, midwives and students throughout Australia


Mark’s social impact

Nurse & Midwife Support offer a 24/7 national support service for nurses & midwives providing access to confidential, anonymous and free advice and referral.


The course Mark chose

December last year, as part of their Christmas team celebration, Mark and the team at Nurse & Midwife support participated in our How fit is your brain? more than mindfulness; self-care for nurses & midwives workshop (accredited for 8CPD)

Despite their busy schedule, management and team recognised the importance of making self-care a priority. With the tag line Your Health Matters, the team live by their values.

Mark has told us That all nurses and midwives deserve support and to connect with the message-YOUR HEALTH MATTERS. Self-care is no longer an optional extra it is fundamental to your wellbeing.


What we learnt about him

Mark is a disruptor and thought leader when it comes to paving the way for wellbeing amongst nurses & midwives. As a nurse of 35 years he is incredibly passionate to see self-care become a priority for all those Caring for others.

Mark values support, self-care, quality care, fun and laughter.

Mark is the host of the NM support podcast. A podcast series where nurses, midwives and our supporters discuss the issues that matter to our community.


Feel free to contact him

We are delighted to call Nurse & Midwife Support a friend of EYI. Feel free to connect directly with Mark Aitken on 0427 714 805,  email , linkedin or visit

Thank you, Mark for being part of our community of care.

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