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Meet our friend with the care factor: Kate Spurway, Founder of NurseWatch

At EYI, we have the privilege to cross paths with many extraordinarily caring people who share our value of leading with heart and just like us, want to help others to reach their full potential and live in health and wellness. Kate Spurway of NurseWatch is one of those.

How we met

We were first introduced to Kate through a mutual connection earlier this year and it has been an absolute delight to collaborate ever since.

Kate’s professional experience

Caring for patients, personal clients and their families and her team is in her DNA.

  • Registered Nurse (RN, EMBA, APNA, MACN): 35 years
  • Senior Health Administrator: 15 years
  • Palliative Care Consultant: 10 years
  • Manager of aged care facilities: 3 years
  • Founder and CEO of NurseWatch: 2 years

Her lightbulb moment

Kate founded NurseWatch in 2017. After losing her own mother, she wanted to offer the best care possible for her father while she was still working. Kate understood first-hand the need to offer a quality on demand care service as needed to take the emotional and logistical stress off family members with their own career, who were suddenly made a primary carer and wanted to keep their loved one in the comfort of their own home. NurseWatch has since become a valued member of many families.

Kate’s social impact

NurseWatch offer premium on demand wellness and personalised care services in and out of the home and in the office for your loved ones when life simply doesn’t allow you to be there.

The course Kate chose

On Friday, Kate participated in our EYI workshop on How fit is your brain? more than mindfulness; self-care for nurses & midwives (accredited for 8CPD).

Despite the challenge of blocking time out of her jam-packed schedule to attend, Kate told us she was humbled to be there, she thought the content was exceptionally well-written and she now realised the value of meditation and mindfulness – that she had been prescribing to her clients for years – for herself. Kate said the workshop was the best thing she has done for herself in years, she felt recharged and she now realised how little time as a carer she gave to herself for her own self care.

What we learnt about her

Kate still loves nursing and growing the potential of everyone she works with. She proudly calls herself a “bread and butter nurse” and enjoys being on the frontline of care whenever time allows so that she can improve workflow and care outcomes. She values her team and she told us she “would never ask any of my staff to do anything I wouldn’t do”.


Feel free to contact her

Kate Spurway is always looking for nurses and health care professionals who share her commitment to

offering the best possible care and wellness to NurseWatch’s private clients and are looking for flexible hours.

We are delighted to call NurseWatch a friend of EYI. Feel free to connect directly with Kate Spurway on Linkedin, email or visit




Kate pictured at our Sydney workshop last week.

Thank you, Kate for being part of our community of care.


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