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JOY is good medicine.

What are you feeding into your field? 

Definition of Joy by Merriam-Webster

  1. a: the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires: delight.  b: the expression or exhibition of such emotion: gaiety.
  2. :a state of happiness or felicity: bliss.
  3. :a source or cause of delight. Joy

‘Bring on the feeling of Joy’ is sometimes easier said than done, but with a little attention, the very core of who you are can just make it’s moves, all by itself. There is a child-like experience in the purity of JOY.  At its simplest, joy is ‘sublime’ and the beauty of it is, it’s contagious. The sensations of joy permeate every cell of the body/mind with goodness.


Within System of Self® (SOS) methodology we explore vibration, emotions, states and feelings intrinsically to develop the capacity for excellence over the greatest technology ever created, your mind and body. In our exploration, realisation that the cultivation of different states creates experiences, sensations and reactions to the world around us. The environment is constantly in exchange of energetic/vibrations in every millisecond with our internal world, and our instrument ‘the body/mind’ is affecting the field of environment.


Joy is one of the highest of frequencies realised by the human body/mind. The very experience, creates a biochemical exchange of nourish, nurture and feel good expression. The deeper you dive in and strip away the conditions of mind the more exposed you are to the innate self, of higher states, love, joy, harmony and flow.  Choosing to tune into the state of joy, is where you become the creator of what you are putting into your field of awareness. The more you do it, the easier it is for your mind/body to tune in to the frequency.

Our mind/body is an instrument that with developed capabilities or fine-tuning, gains access to different levels or frequencies. In turn, different awareness. When the mind/body calibrations of joy become more and more available, the magnetic field brings into awareness the auto-response of joy. This then becomes the field in which not only you are tuned into, but which you bring to the environment of home, relationships or work.


Within SOS responsibility of the state, intention and actions are all taken into consideration when considering what it is, we choose to feed into the field of awareness in supporting wellbeing.


In exploration of self, a myriad of realisations are exposed. Tendencies of human condition are seen as universal patterns playing out in the field of human consciousness, experienced uniquely by the subjective perceiver. We explore ones that serve and ones that hurt, while becoming conscious of the subconscious many revelations are exposed. We see the human has the capacity to be self-aware, learn and consciously be part of the developed experience. Being human brings awareness to the thrills of just being born in its sleeve, we get to experience love with another; create relationships; share compassion; develop language; see images; imagine; and remember through our 5 senses. We have the capacity to practice, rehearse and develop ourselves to become good at a particular skillset. Emotions can also be practiced, rehearsed and embodied and the momentum from those emotions can be used as tools also.


The great thing about joy is, it is always available within us, waiting to be expressed, seen and sensed.


Like the subject of ‘compassion’, ‘joy’ is also being investigated by science and we are seeing studies reporting the health benefits, in ageing, mental health and overall wellbeing.


Within the mind constructs that reflect the behaviour of reptiles and mammals, survival tendencies fire and wire on auto, human beings have become addicted to the tendencies of fear, judgement and criticism. These feedback mechanisms were designed for survival and safety, they are very primal and instinctual. When our brain/body is operating through these states it limits the awareness of higher states in our human experience. The human condition has certain feedbacks that are automatically triggered, ignited or are just on. They are conscious and subconscious, usually keeping us stuck in ‘states’ we know and are familiar with. These primal states kick in often, making us very good at repeating them.


Just because we are good at them doesn’t mean they are good for us.


Emotions are internal experiences. Irrelevant of the external environment, emotions rise within us. They come and they go. The deeper we dive into our internal world the more the innate qualities of who we are can express themselves. Many of us still believe that joy isn’t innate. That it only comes with possessing a specific item or achieving a goal or by having certain people in our lives. The search for joy keeps us moving through experiences, relationships and objects. Joy does not need these things to be realised, it lives here ‘right now’. The more we tap into the moment by moment awareness of now, the more the innate can be seen, felt and touched by the experiencer.


The human condition even resists the feelings of joy, masked by the conditioning of the individual life, social constructs, family constructs and personal tendencies. This oppression or denial of the innate feelings of joy, can then cloud the mind/body with dis-ease, unhappiness, lack of life lustre or value.


When we meditate, the mind/body pattern default network is deactivated. Using meditation with a focus on joy can support auto feedback to be cultivated and remembered.


Joy is Good Medicine!


Joy is gaining so much momentum in modern medicine. The American Medical Association (AMA) and the Mayo Clinic, even hold a ‘Joy in Medicine,’ CEO’s Consortium. But this isn’t new. In ancient Greece, hospitals were built near amphitheatre’s so patients could easily attend comedies prescribed to promote healing. Journal of the American Medical Association published a game-changing piece on laughter therapy. Research shows that regularly experiencing joy, whether in the form of laughter or of activities that promote happiness and well-being, can produce healthy changes throughout your mind/body.


Research shows that by experiencing joy you can:

  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Boost your energy
  • Diminish your perception of pain
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Relieve depression
  • Cultivate positive relationships
  • Reduce and repel the damaging effects of stress
  • Increase your ability to sleep restfully


Within System of Self®, we are supporting the process of transmuting and transcending the tendencies of the primal, fear-based reactions to life to cultivate more of what is innately within us. We discuss and embody the practices of refining the human experience by doing actions ‘off the field for on the field results’. We discuss the awareness of seeing the body as the vessel that holds the day’s activities and past experiences as well as an instrument that with some tuning, can be the best version of itself. When we open up to the awareness that we can transmute the baggage of old coding, we then can develop the capacity to use the coding rather than be used by it.


System of Self®  invites you to treat every life event you encounter as an opportunity to remember, experience, and strengthen your realisation of self. Moments to elevate and embody your mastery to use the gifts you were born with. Supporting your joy enhances your life to express itself in the most extraordinary ways, no matter what your circumstances are. It’s an inside out approach to wellbeing.


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The body of knowledge within this article is expressed through the evidence of the subjective experience of Marie Louise. It is available through the wisdom evoked and awareness provoked through nature of all sentient beings.


Have fun in the play and exploration of self-awareness


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