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EYI friend with the care factor: Marie Gatefait

Introducing this months EYI friend with the care factor, Marie Gatefait, Nurse Unit Manager | Medical Decision Unit at the Gold Coast University Hospital.

At EYI, we have the privilege to cross paths with many extraordinarily caring people who share our value of leading with heart and just like us, want to help others to reach their full potential and live in health and wellness. Marie Gatefait of the Gold Coast University Hospital is one of those.

How we met 

Marie participated in our September 2018, How fit is your brain?® more than mindfulness; self-care for nurses & midwives day workshop (accredited for 8CPD) on the Gold Coast, QLD.

Marie’s professional experience

  • 2 years degree in Psychology in France,
  • Registered Nurse in ICU (8years),
  • Clinical Nurse in ICU (4 years) Graduate Certificate in Critical Care,
  • Clinical Nurse Consultant in MAU (5 years) Master of Health Management,
  • Nurse Unit Manager in MDU for the last 3 years, System of Self Pro leadership training EYI

Her lightbulb moment

Marie always wanted to create a positive change around her and through the EYI workshop realised with the support of mindfulness practices, the real change begins within ourselves. Not being a runner at all, Marie took the challenge to run a marathon in China last year (2019) and her consistency in practicing self-awareness gave her the confidence and resilience required to pass her finish line. More than a long run, this accomplishment was a powerful way to show her family, friends and team that you can achieve ANYTHING when you set your mind in the right direction.

With the support of the EYI leadership training and EYI ZenDen Toolkit™, Marie is now sharing and facilitating self-awareness and mindfulness with her team and has created a true culture shift of self-care as a norm in her unit.

Marie’s social impact

Marie is a beautiful example of an authentic leader who operates from the heart. The ripple effect of her commitment to evolving her self-awareness and leadership is positively affecting those not just in her immediate circle of family, friends and colleagues but beyond to patients, patients’ families, her team, her teams’ families.

The course Marie chose

Following Marie’s 2018 experience with EYI she has gone on to complete our 30 day online program recently completed our System of Self® 6 month leadership program.

Despite Marie’s busy schedule, she recognised the importance of making self-care a priority;

For me it is giving back to my nurses what they give to patients and families every day of the year. It is an invitation to fill their own cup with good stuff while at work so they can share more with others and feel good about it.”

Marie has told us her greatest gain from doing the EYI System of Self® education is connection.  What does this look like?

  • The ZenDen that has been created is a safety bubble where staff can reconnect with themselves after a difficult event, recognise they are in disharmony and have a choice to act on it. It is also a place where vulnerability, authenticity can be expressed safely and privately to enable the process of different emotions.
  • As a manager she has more meaningful conversations with her staff, even when it is about managing performance. When you approach any conversation with open heart and kindness it offers a new perspective and generates trust and authenticity significantly. Marie noticed that the connection established when she has a conversation remains as strong after the talk has finished. “It is like an invisible hand that we all hold together at all time” – Marie Gatefait.

What we learnt about our EYI friend with the care factor

Marie is a passionate, driven and inspiring leader and is paving the way for prioritising self-care for nurses and midwives. Her bravery to persist in what she knows works has paid dividends not just to her but all those around her. She is incredibly passionate to see her team operating at its optimum, with self-care as the priority.

Marie values honesty and integrity in all aspects of her life.

Her staff can rely on her to have their back as much as she can count on them to strive through any challenge as a team. Her best reward is seeing her staff grow professionally and personally. Promoting self-care and empowering all her staff to embrace it is her biggest achievement as a manager.

Marie Gatefait , we are delighted to call both you and the Gold Coast University Hospital a friend of EYI.

Thank you, Marie for being part of our community of care and an EYI friend with the care factor.

View our full video podcast with Marie.

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