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Feel the fear

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Feel the fear and do it anyway. Many of us have heard the term choose love not fear and …

Feel the fear and do it anyway, but how much of that resonates and what does that mean?

Fear can be a GREAT tool, it helps keep us safe. The trick is to be present enough to know when fear is serving you and when fear is plain old holding you back from a great life experience, from achieving dreams and growing.

When you hear the worlds most elite and extremist sports people like international big wave rider, Mark Matthews state,That’s what people don’t get. They think if they’re apprehensive about doing things, then they’re just not meant to be doing that. That’s not true. Everyone is scared”It certainly makes you think twice about your own limiting beliefs. 

Where can you show up face your fears and do it anyway?
It could be phoning an old friend, applying for a new job, asking for a pay rise, confronting someone about the way they treat you, starting a new hobby, trying a new sport, writing a book, sky diving, asking someone on a date, public speaking, starting a side hustle, buying a house…

Being fearful of failure is huge, it stops or delays most people from doing so much in their lives. The thing is…who cares if you fail? What is failure anyway? If you are choosing to show up, be brave, be bold, give something a go, to back yourself and grow, where is the failure in that? It is often through our failings that our greatest lessons present themselves. It can be our deepest growth.

When we let go of ego, the judgement mind and choose love, exploration and growth it makes stepping into the fear that much easier. How to let go of ego and judgement…a whole lot of self-discovery, self-awareness and mindfulness practices 😉

Name 3 of your fears, write them down, choose 1 to start or do today.

Remember …Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Feel like you want to shed some fear, join us on one of our programs.
“One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.” -Henry Ford

Shift your life from survival to a thriving projection. Untangle from limiting beliefs and subconscious reflexes, be active in getting behind the wheel of your body/mind vehicle. When you know yourself you have a greater capacity to know how to navigate your inner world to create a life you love to live.

Evolve Yourself Institute® understands the importance well-being, to maintain resilience, create a healthy mindset and feel joy. You might not be able to change what is happening in the world. But you do have the capacity to modify your reaction to it. Choose happiness today!

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