EYI Sleep support meditation

This meditation is a wonderful tool for deep relaxation or supporting you to go to sleep.
EYI Sleep support meditation

EYI Sleep support meditation

EYI Sleep support meditation. This Yoga Nidra meditation is a wonderful tool for deep relaxation or supporting you to go to sleep.

EYI Sleep support meditation. Do you have enough energy to do what you desire to do in the day?  Do you sleep well? Do you feel inspired? If not, your body/mind could be a little out of whack. The very root of all life has intelligence that sits in every cell, yogic philosophy calls it prana, Chinese medicine calls it Qi, most major cultural traditions identify a “vital energy” running through everything seen and unseen, we will refer to it as life force.

Someone with open pathways of life force can quickly fight off disease, virus or bounce back after an injury, criticism or set back. They typically have good endurance, digestion, and immunity, as well as a clear state of mind. They sleep well, wake rested, and are able to complete their daily tasks.

If the person has depleted life force it manifests in not sleeping well, digestive issues, allergic, depression, stuck, cluttered and can be quite reactive to life's experiences.

Our intention is to support YOU in letting go and becoming present here and now with with the great tool of  Meditation. Why has it gained so much momentum and why is it used by so many across all ages, cultures, vocations and backgrounds? Put simply…It works. Gift yourself today, let go…explore how that feels. The evidence is in the experience.

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