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EYI Healing Meditation;Regenerate & Recover

EYI Healing – 5 minute meditation

EYI Healing – 5 minute meditation. Mind/body experiences of thought, past, future, all affect the biochemistry of the bodies compositions. We have feedback loops which serve our life and ones which hurt them. Creating the sensations of higher frequencies of emotional states, offering spaciousness and allowance creates an environment for your autoimmune system to do what it is born to do, regenerate, renew and recover.

Evolve Yourself® 30days of self-enquiry

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Evolve Yourself® 30days of self-enquiry. An exploration into self-awareness. Our interactive app experience has you coached by us in real time keeping you inspired & accountable. Our weekly live Zoom workshops are rich in content & wisdom. We will meditate, breathe, self-reflect, laugh & learn!

Choose to evolve, that is the luxury of being human.