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EYI Harmonising guided meditation – 20 minutes

EYI harmonising guided meditation – Take the attention to allowing your body/mind to harmonise. When our system is enabled to relax it also is enabled to do what it is born to do and regenerate and renew. When the ecosystem of life is operating in coherence with life, this is inclusive of your mind, it can express itself in the most optimum way. Too often our mind overrides its genius and plays havoc with its ability of ultimate expression. Enjoy the exploration.

EYI specialises in delivering an education of the self, System of Self®, bringing together neuroscience, positive psychology, movement, mindfulness, science, meditation, yoga, environment and experience to create powerful results in personal, social and business lives.

Our core values of love, learn, fun, connect, create and simplicity shape our programs, from accredited Professional Development programs for hospitals, nurses, midwives, schools and teachers, to leadership programs, corporate groups, private clients and culture change packages for organisations.

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