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EYI Elements meditation

EYI Elements meditation takes enlivens the natural expression of elements through your body/mind. Tuning into these fundamental qualities of expression supports a recalibration of your own system. Have fun in the play and exploration.

EYI Elements meditation:

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Evolve Yourself® Letting Go. Let us support YOU in letting go. Become present to the here and now with with the great tool of Meditation.

Evolve Yourself® 30days of self-enquiry

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Evolve Yourself® 30days of self-enquiry. An exploration into self-awareness. Our interactive app experience has you coached by us in real time keeping you inspired & accountable. Our weekly live Zoom workshops are rich in content & wisdom. We will meditate, breathe, self-reflect, laugh & learn!

Choose to evolve, that is the luxury of being human.