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Evolve Yourself®

Evolve Yourself®

Evolve Yourself®

 Evolve Yourself®

30 days to inner wellbeing with Evolve Yourself®

If you are a person in service, the chances are you are conditioned to putting others first and your self-care is an after thought low down on your priority list. Our job is to help those that care for others to care for themselves. Given the current crisis and your extra challenges it is critical to remember the importance of looking after yourself. By forming good habits and having a little help along the way we know you can start to prioritise YOU, this is why we created our CPD accredited 30 day Evolve Yourself® self-discovery program.

Frontline wellbeing is fundamental in creating well hospitals and high level patient care. – EYI

BE inspired, BE energised and ignited with sustainable and thriving actions that support YOU to support others.

  • Daily Meditations
  • Daily Affirmations
  • Mindfulness & Meditation 7 day introductory  program
  • Breath practices for inner harmony
  • Recipes for wellbeing
  • Reminders to Evolve Yourself®
  • Community Support
  • Tips & hints on supporting inner calm, regeneration & renewal
  • Access to Evolve Yourself Institute® Coaches

We asked why Evolve Yourself® and these are a few of the responses:

  • ‘After my children have become independent l realise l haven’t given myself enough attention over the years … it’s not too late to fill my cup’ -Nurse
  • ‘I want to be healthy again, body , mind and soul. I want to find the real me!’ -Nurse
  • ‘I really want to be able to feel full again’ -Nurse
  • ‘I want to feel inspired and have more energy.’ 🙏🏽  -Nurse
  • ‘I want to learn to be healthier in mind and body, learning to manage stress’ -Nurse
  • ‘I want to put me first. I always help and put others first. It’s time for me to learn the skills to put me first, enjoy life and reach my full potential’ – Nurse
  • ‘To understand how I can prevent burn out. As a caseload midwife, although it is wonderful to be there for my women, it can be mentally and physically exhausting being constantly on call.’ – Midwife
  • ‘Because I am constantly putting others first due to being a mental health nurse. I want to learn to put myself and my needs first. I tend to think of others before myself anyway’. – Nurse
  • ‘My current lifestyle is heading towards illness, and I know that I need to make changes now. This program might provide the motivation and support that I need at the moment. Nothing will change if I don’t change.’ – Nurse
  • ‘I want to complete this program because creating and sustaining the best version of myself is a priority for my own wellbeing and that of my family. I am grateful and look forward to the learning and support being offered.’ – Nurse
  • ‘I want to learn how to be a healthier person in mind, body, and spirit.’ – Nurse

Do you remember how good it feels to feel good?

  • I know I felt more capable, calm, confident and happy when I previously did the EYI online program, but new habits are hard to form and sustain! I aim to embed some of the practices, and engage a more positive frame of mind to help me be the best version of me, and enjoy every moment as much as my dog does!’ – Nurse
  • ‘I have attended the EYI accredited course and completed the EYI online challenge. Both of these have been a benefit to my personal and work life. I want to continue these healthy habits so I can be the best version of me for the people around me and myself. I sometimes feel exhausted after work and by the time I get home I find myself having little energy. I tend to feel guilty for not getting things done at home after work or if I haven’t played with my daughter enough. I then fall into the pattern of putting my own self-care at the bottom of the list and this affects myself and others.’ – Nurse
  • ‘Self-care is so important, it’s time to fill up my cup and let it overflow!’ – Nurse

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