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Evolve Yourself® Tech Detox

Evolve Yourself® Tech Detox

Evolve Yourself® Tech Detox

Let’s talk about tech, baby.

Evolve Yourself® Tech Detox …move away from the iPhone, Android Phone, smart phone!

Are you a slave to your phone, emails and social media habits? Let’s get you looking outside at the world rather than into a screen.

These days, we all need to make a conscious effort to drag ourselves away from our screens. It can be alarming to look up and notice how much time we’ve spent with our nose in our smart phone, tablets or personal computers.

Cut down your TV viewing

Make an effort to have at least one TV free day in your week. Many of us are over stimulated with digital information and would benefit greatly by incorporating stillness into our routines. Try reading a book, exercising, meditating or spending time with a friend or loved one.

I took TV out of my daily life to 8 years ago and can honestly say I have never looked back! My kids and I have movie night every Friday, downloading a movie of the week. It is a treat and my kids now enjoy playing or reading more.

Social media can be a time wasting pit

If many of us were to use a journal to log the minutes spent on social media we would be alarmed. They add up quickly. Time is precious and something we cannot replace. Making a conscious effort limit the time you spend on sites like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and the like.

Tips to keep social media without having it take over your life are:

  1. Schedule a social media free day
  2. Schedule 15 minutes a day for personal social media
  3. Stream line your social media platforms. Do you really need and use all of your accounts?
  4. Spend a week logging the time spent on social media and be honest with yourself. Are you procrastinating or is your time spent well?

Last week I took you through steps to Detox your Kitchen, next week I will take you through a Mind Detox. If you are curious to develop greater self regulation, self-care and self-awareness? Join us on one of our specialised programs from CPD workshops and online (use tech to serve you) to 6 month leadership programs, retreats and culture change packages for businesses. Head to our programs tab on our home page HERE Better yet email or call us!