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Transform your wellbeing – inside out

CPD EDUCATION THAT SUPPORTS YOU TO THRIVE – 30 day money back guarantee


Functional and sustainable education. Drawing from the latest scientific understanding of brain/body functioning, we share education that supports your ability to explore ways in which you can use your body/mind, rather than it use you. A curriculum that is shared in the language of today, raw, real and effective.

Inspiration & Elevation

Be prompted with activations and affirmations that elevate more joy in your life – Everyday.

Meditation, breath & movement practices

Learn Why? How? and What? is it that is taking the world by storm to be the new norm within the home, work and community. Learn how to meditate, engage in breath practice and be exposed to a movement that rewires your system for wellbeing.

Activations to embody learnings

New patterns of behaviour need practice, bring what you learn to life with drills and actions for lifetime growth. A toolkit you can use every day.

Be coached

Every day for 30 days you will be part of a community and live coaching. The accountability you need to embody the shift. You will also engage in a weekly group meet up with one of our leading coaches. 

Rewire & Redesign

Learn how to break down limiting beliefs and transform the way you show up in the world. Conscious and unconscious, open your mind/body to cultivate change that is tangible.

Our intuitive and interactive app guides you one day at a time. Develop healthy lifestyle habits like being more mindful, prioritising self-care, wellness and mental health.



Taking the ability to respond to your own wellbeing.

The industry recognises the need to support their most valuable asset, YOU!  Now it’s up to YOU!

  • Gain more clarity
  • Elevate your ability to self regulate
  • Acquire tools that support your ability to communicate more effectively
  • Learn how to harmonise your central nervous system with techniques that elevate life
  • Discover and align with more of you
  • Develop ways in which authenticity and joy can cultivate




  • Knowledge and understanding of the importance of self-care for optimal living
  • Practices and processes to develop self -regulation of emotional states (emotional intelligence)
  • Develop reflection and projection strategy to realise triggers of dis-ease while creating ones of ease
  • Recognise the biochemistry of dis-ease and how to switch to regulation of the central nervous system
  • Expansion of personal perspectives and elevation of compassion to self
  • Develop brain/body functioning for developed communication
  • Understand brain/body functioning
  • Activating growth mindset, It is a somatic experience. How? Why?
  • Activations and processes to stimulate happiness, appreciation, gratitude and positive mindset
  • Understand what chronic stress does to the body and the importance of acquiring a calm state for wellbeing
  • Greater ability to look after patients wellbeing
  • Greater ability to approach patient and other mental ill-health in a calm and controlled manner

Things you need to know

We will be by your side for 30 days
We meet up once a week via zoom
Programs are CPD accredited by the Australian College of Nursing
30 day money back guarantee


A new education path, a programme with a difference. For me, life changing, I’m managing to implement the EYI tools / strategies to improve the way I perceive situations, react to them and deal with them.

Louise Stevens, Clinical Nurse

Thank you, I’ve loved every moment, I’m coming away with tools that will alleviate my suffering and old beliefs, for me to embrace my own greatness. With love and appreciation.

Mary Mulcahy, Educator Workplace Capability

Everyone deserve this experience and knowledge. I feel refreshed and ready to take life on! EYI you have changed my life.

Elizabeth O'donnell, Teacher

My experience with EYI has literally been life changing. The content is rich, yet digestible. The coaches are leaders in their field. The course was fun, interactive, & most importantly has resulted in greater personal awareness, clarity & harmony in all areas of life

Andrew Lamb, Communications Specialist

The EYI program was a great way to delve deeper into meditation & self understanding. Working with classes ranging from 10 year olds to 15 year olds I found the resources useful for educating myself, caring for myself & preparing me to better foster positive routines with my students.

Simone McGill, Teacher, Vic

An amazing presentation & program. Switched on & with sophisticated knowledge of current research & trends in mind body evolution, this team does not disappoint. Thank you for giving us the tools to use effectively every day to help us truly engage with intelligence & mindfulness in our interpersonal relationships, the workplace & with a collective consciousness.

Kay Schubach, Executive

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30 day money back guarantee

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Nurse & Midwife CPD Day Retreat

Nurse & Midwife CPD Day Retreat. QLD: Brisbane September 14, Cairns November 17, Gold Coast November 30. 

Evolve Yourself Institute® understands the importance of staff well-being, to maintain resilience, create a healthy mindset and feel joy. We take an integrated approach when educating, drawing upon the latest in scientific research, the science of yoga, positive psychology, somatic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness to create an education appropriate for today.

8 CPD – Nurses, midwives, frontline workers