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Evolve Yourself® Mind Detox

Evolve Yourself® Mind Detox

Evolve Yourself® Mind Detox

DETOX YOUR MIND. Messy mind = messy life!

Evolve Yourself® Mind Detox can help you to be comfortable with your thoughts, develop laser focus, increase your happiness & learn more!

Last post we covered the value and simple steps for a Tech Detox. Once you’ve cut down on your technology, you can start the battle to de-clutter your mind. It’s hard work to find stillness in your thoughts!

Try a daily practice of meditation, morning and night, and you will find that persistence pays off. It was introduced to me while travelling in Hong Kong and is now the main tool I use to diffuse any stress and anxiety seeping into my life.

There are several ways to approach meditation. Most importantly be curious!

  1. Start with a guided meditation, whilst you are still exploring you can find some online (free pass to use YouTube!).
  2. Research techniques and practices
  3. Join us on our Leadership Program
  4. Join a local meditation center
  5. Find a meditation teacher that resonates with you and embark on their teachings

Other steps to de-clutter and rejuvenate your mind:

  • Incorporate daily physical movement such as walking and other forms of exercise to aid oxygenation of your blood, stimulate happy endorphins and keep the body agile
  • Get out into nature; nothing compares

And that’s it for now! Give the above a go for a few weeks and I guarantee you’ll feel rejuvenated.

‘Empty the old thoughts, emotions, and words in your body and mind, so that your heart can show you the new story you came to live’. ~Roxana Jones

Look out for my upcoming posts for a sleek wardrobe, how to keep it simple and the benefits of practicing gratitude.

In kindness and health,


P.S Remember a messy mind = a messy life! Detox your mind today.