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Evolve Yourself® care tips

Evolve Yourself® Care tips during Coronavirus

Evolve Yourself® Care tips during Coronavirus

5 ways to take care of yourself:

  1. STAY ACTIVE – Walk, Run, Do Yoga – there are loads of free videos on Youtube

  2. GET COOKING – Choose to make cooking fun, creative and healthy. Time to nourish our minds and body’s. Keep it simple and fresh.

  3. TAKE A BREAK FROM THE NEWS – Be mindful of what you are feeding your mind & where the information is coming from. Limit your time watching the news.

  4. LISTEN TO MUSIC – Let yourself escape & be evoked with feelings of joy, energy & inspiration as you put on your favourite tunes!

  5. MEDITATE – You know it! Head to the links in our bio to access FREE guided meditations. Let’s keep calm together. 

Stay tuned for more Evolve Yourself® Care tips during Coronavirus.

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