Stress relief for nurses & midwives

Stress relief for nurses & midwives: 5 things nurses & midwives need to know about STRESS: dis-ease it creates DISEASE Stress relief for nurses & midwives is needed more than ever. Understanding more about stress will support your ability to reduce, even prevent stress and burnout. Stress response needs a rest – Stress can be...
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Nurses & Midwives Mindfulness-CPD

Nurses & Midwives Mindfulness-CPD programs for individuals and hospitals. ACN and ACM Accredited. Evolve Yourself® with EYI CPD Self-awareness workshops and online programs improving performance, increasing happiness levels, reducing stress levels, anxiety and burnout. Our programs are for those seeking a happier and healthier experience of life. Interactive workshops, digital courses and retreats, informed by modern...
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Nurses Superhero Power Pose

Nurses Superhero Power Pose – what are we on about? Nurses, YOU are our everyday super heroes, did you know that by posing like a Wonder woman or Superman will help you to feel happier and stronger?! PRACTICE POWER POSING Did you know that your muscles are connected to your emotions? Our muscles are connected...
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Nurse & Midwife CPD online

Get your hospital onboard.Nurse & Midwife CPD.

In-service and virtual deliveries. One off packages, leadership training and culture change packages.

CPD accredited In-service & Online