Nurse & Midwife Fatigue

Attention please! You are worthy of attention. Nurse & Midwife Fatigue it’s a real thing. So you don’t feel like taking part in the fun you used to. Once upon a time it was invigorating to join your friends, now it’s just hard work. Maybe washing the dishes takes on the efforts required to climb...
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Evolve Yourself® ABC Method

Evolve Yourself® ABC Method Rewire your brain in 3 easy steps with the our Evolve Yourself® ABC Method. The ABC (Awareness, Breath, Choice) method is a tool that can attune your attitude to be your own personal superpower. A tool that supports you to be more responsible for how you react to the world. You...
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Evolve Your Senses

Evolve your senses. Everything vibrates, light, sound, rocks, cells, and the body/mind is interpreting the environment and its inner field of vibrations in every millisecond.  Your inner system is in conversation with the relative outer system in all moments. Framing the way you see the world uniquely to you. The body/mind system is localised and...
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7 steps to setting intentions

Intentions have the power to influence and change your life. 7 steps to setting intentions noun noun: intention; plural noun: intentions 1. a thing intended; an aim or plan. “she was full of good intentions” 2. MEDICINE the healing process of a wound. 3. LOGIC conceptions formed by directing the mind towards an object. Source: https://www.dictionary.com/ 7...
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