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Evolve Your Senses

Evolve your senses. Everything vibrates, light, sound, rocks, cells, and the body/mind is interpreting the environment and its inner field of vibrations in every millisecond. 

Your inner system is in conversation with the relative outer system in all moments. Framing the way you see the world uniquely to you. The body/mind system is localised and establishes the experience of an independent person, which creates the identity of what we know as me, you, other. 


When you explore the instrument of your body/mind using attention to the inner interpretations and its reflexes, an awareness shift begins, and deeper understandings of the interconnectedness of all systems can open in your subjective field of consciousness. 


A word of another can cut your body/mind system like a knife or melt you like butter. A song can permeate your skin and shift your inner biochemistry igniting images, smells, feelings of a moment that passed years ago. Those inter-relationships that you immerse in affect the state in which your organism lives. It is playing with seen and unseen vibrations that affect your subjective experience.

So what does that mean for you?

Your senses support the survival tendencies, but with deep awareness and attention to their impulses, you move beyond the bias of survival reflex and open into the field of optimum awareness within the experience. Choosing environmental soups of goodness can enrich the flavours of your independent experience. 


The body/mind system is an incredible adapter, and its social survival tendency will do what is required to merge with its environment – good or bad. Your body/mind begins to attune to the resonance and calibrates to the frequency of the domain. Through a process called entrainment, physical objects absorb the vibrational frequencies of their immediate surroundings. This attunement is the expression of processes that activate, mirroring, adapting and morphing the cell to express itself in the field of its environment. All of the interrelating create biochemical patterns and cause a reaction within your inner system perceived uniquely through your lens. 

As you are guided through self-education using embodiment practices, you explore how you can influence the system. One of them being – put the instrument in environments that support a thriving inner world rather than a surviving one. Like a piece of meat absorbs the flavours of basil, oregano, salt and thyme in a soup, the biochemistry of the body/mind system does the same when influenced by the vibrations of sound, smells, textures, sight, tastes, seen and unseen. Immersing yourself in your experience completely, while choosing environments that serve could be the best gift to give yourself.


Join us for one such experience at a brand new innovative music experience, Music in The Sky will be held on May 29 & 30 in the Roundhouse, Kensington (UNSW Light Rail Stop).


The performance features Australian Music Prize nominated composer and pianist, Luke Howard with The Nano Symphony in a six-piece ensemble, performing contemporary works and classical greats to exquisitely synchronised visual imagery. The visual narrative will take you on a journey from sunset to sunrise through dreaming and space as lights and visual projections transform the Roundhouse into an immersive digital canvas. 

Whether you’re a classical lover or a lover of extraordinary experiences we invite you to come and slow down with us, be immersed with music, lights and love.

Two performances will be held each night, at 6:00pm and 8:15pm. Discover NSW vouchers are accepted at the show. For more information, visit the Music in The Sky website.

You will receive an exclusive 15% discount on full-price tickets. Simply visit the Ticketing Website and enter the code 15SAVE21 at checkout. Transaction fee of $2.50 applies per booking.

We hope to see you there!


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