Something to think about

Energy in motion

EMOTION is the energy in motion we get to experience as humans Where do you let emotions rule your life?

Emotions are part of the luxury of being human. They are an absolute gift. They animate who we are as individuals. They give us the experience of joy, sadness, excitement, anxious and anger, just to name a few. Imagine a life without them? A fundamental dilemma of the human condition is thinking that we are our emotions. We let emotions control us, determine our behaviour and react in ways we often regret. Emotions are whimsical. They are easily swayed by many different factors: a thought, an experience a past pattern, affecting us at that moment. Our reactions can serve us or we can do or say things we regret in our emotional outbreak.

Imagine a life where the ability to use emotions becomes your power?

What might sound impossible becomes the possible. It is now time to get a grip on the most powerful expression of being human – your emotions. We can learn this practice to empower ourselves. We are not our emotions, but we have emotions. This awareness opens us to master them rather than let them master us.

Here’s some tips to get you started.

Actions & explorations

  1. Watch yourself when an emotion hits. What are the physical responses, facial expressions, sensations?
  2. When you are happy, what is going on physically? What sensations in the body are affected by the feeling of joy?
  3. When anxious what is happening in your body? Are there ants running in your stomach?
  4. When sad, sense where and what you are feeling. Where do the physical weights lie? Are you contracting anywhere?
Becoming present to your body is the first step in gaining power over emotional experiences. Using one of the pillars of EYI System of Self education, ‘Reflection’ you can recognise your bodies responses to life situations. When you are aware you are able to use, and adjust your responses in the future. This requires some new techniques and the EYI system shares tools that get your power of self-regulation on track.Come and play with us to get your game on this November 12 just in time for Christmas. More info HERE

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