Book: Discover Worlds Within – Choose to Evolve by Marie Louise

Learn the art of self-enquiry – Evolve Yourself

Discover the faculties of your body/mind/energies/spirit organism so you can use the ‘sleeve’ – a highly sophisticated technology that encompasses the whole organism. With some guidance and insight, you can navigate your life rather than run on the default of circumstance and use the sleeve you were born in with optimum expression. Awaken yourself with more freedom and flow. Learn the art of self-enquiry and self-discovery with practical concepts, tools and strategies to facilitate the unfolding into your true nature of expression. Learn how to process embodied trauma, gain distance from the ramble of mind, use your emotions, and harness the energies that serve you, while letting go of the ones that don’t. Become your own master, guru, healer and teacher. Gain access to insight, intuition and wisdom through practices that unpack the beliefs and conditioning that limit and restrict the expression of a thriving organism.

Explore through the pathway of Marie Louise and be inspired by her journey, so you too can be response-able in creating a life you love to experience.

About the author

Marie Louise has worked with thousands of people from around the world in a broad space of human development including; trauma, mindset, abuse, creativity, peak performance and spiritual guidance.

Marie Louise is passionate about empowering people with techniques that enable them to re-engineer, rewire and refine their lives with an inside and out approach to support happiness, joy and wellbeing. Her approach merges the best of modern science and consciousness-based practices to elevate, promote and activate the power of self-healing and optimisation through self-realisation.

Marie Louise guides people from embodied learnings of transformational practices. Her subjective experience of transforming the embodied impact of long-term child sexual abuse and teenage rape have allowed insight and wisdom into its process and power. She recognises the reflex of fear as a force in transformation. Marie Louise unpacks the conditioning of human expression to unfold and merge with the true nature of being and gain access to conscious creation. Her guidance is an intuitive expression rooted in Tantric Yogic systems and embodied processes.

Marie Louise now shares, guides and facilitates her insights and experiences through her organisation at Evolve Yourself Institute.

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