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power of mindfulness and meditation

The power of mindfulness and meditation – defy age, reduce stress and lose weight the natural way

Is success your drive? We explore the power of mindfulness and meditation

After interviewing 140 people at the top of their fields, Tim Ferriss realized almost all of them share the same habit – THEY MEDITATE.  With that in mind, learning a skill that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on, you don’t need expensive toys, you don’t even need a special place, all is required is for you to turn up.

Does the age of your body determine the age of your mind?

Meditation brings a calm relaxed state and when your body is in a calm relaxed state your organs can operate in full function. That means regenerate your cells, cleanse your liver, process your toxins and renew your body into vitality. That’s the power of mindfulness and meditation. 

Stress is the foundation of many age-related illnesses, to name a few: heart, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, obesity autoimmune issues. Meditation is a practice that switches off the stress response, so with your ability to switch it off,  your ability to defy age is yours.

When you are young you are open to new things, your brain is firing and wiring to a beat of newness and new synapsis are being formed. As you age you generally become more fixed in your thinking. Meditation can allow the building blocks of fixed patterns to fall away and give you the space for newness to open. A more youthful mind is one which is open and curious, it enlivens spontaneity and stimulates the ability to bounce back as you did as a child.

People who meditate have more joy in their lives by releasing chemicals that make them smile. Smiling releases endorphins and serotonin. Endorphins are natural painkillers. The more endorphins your brain releases, the more your body can fight off symptoms of illness and this all helps in keeping you young. Meditation and mindfulness could be the elixir to defying your aging process.

Is your new born baby affecting your world?

What a change and transformation your body has been through? Your mind and body have produced chemicals to change the shape of your body, soften your skeleton, distribute hormones and put your emotions in a washing machine while workings it’s magic to create a baby that becomes an extension of you.

How can you help get your body to the state you need it to be? Get your mind on board.

Renew, regenerate and reinvigorate your mind and give it the space it needs to do its magic.

Bringing the mind to a calm state not only supports the biochemicals within your system to do what they do well, but it also brings such harmony to your baby. In a developing mind, a baby mirror’s the environment’s state, it isn’t what you say, or how you look, it is the state you are in. Finding a calm state in an ever-changing environment of a newborn baby is a real gift you give not only to yourself but to your little extension of you.

Do you start a fitness/weight-loss program and not follow through with it?

Nothing like engaging in a program to transform your body, to come up against the battle of the mind to convince you of why you can’t do it today or it’s too hard or too long. What about the absolute reason you need to celebrate with the chocolate cake because it’s your best friends birthday. Don’t you worry, you will find a reason to dive into the states of self-sabotage because your body and mind love what it knows and will do what it takes to stay in what it knows.

Life can throw many things at you that take you ‘off track’. What if there was a tool that could help you keep sight of why you started in the first place. We have good news… the power of meditation and mindfulness bring focus to life, it enables you to let go of judgement, to regroup and bounce back quickly.

They say starting is often the hardest part. We encourage you to be curious and explore or evolve a meditation and mindfulness practice. The evidence is in the experience. You can join a local meditation group or yoga class, download guided meditations, join a program online. EYI has specialised meditation and mindfulness programs for Nurses & Midwives, Teachers and Individuals.

Have fun with your exploration with this natural superpower.

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