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Cultivate more happiness – 5 tips

“We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality.” — Seneca

Cultivate more happiness by understanding your brain/body. Our brain/body are great gifts within the human experience, and they most certainly are tools in which we can use or unfortunately, we can be used by them. How many times do you find yourself in conversations with attention on the pains and sufferings of life, feeding the fuel of sadness? How many times do you repeat a story that goes over and over the awful situation you have with a colleague at work? Re-igniting the energy and momentum of the situation. These patterns of attention create a biochemical shift within your system that fire and wire, more misery. Maybe just maybe you have fired and wired your brain/body to be a master at suffering? 

Our brain/body has an incredible capacity to change, rewire and transform, in turn, reframing life situations in a heartbeat. When your brain/body feedback loops hook into the suffering/drama/fear they are doing a great job, when you are under threat, it keeps you safe ignites the tool of judgement and criticism immediately for survival. Although this is a great auto response, it is not one that needs to be the dictator of your brain/body, but with the stress-related illness overwhelming countries, all around the world, it would seem it is the dictator.

If you have trained your brain/body to tune into the potential of threat automatically all of the time – you can train your brain/body to tune into more happiness? Could we become masters at embodying happiness?  The experience of happiness heightens when attention is given to the things that make you happy, the biochemical reaction with such attention, elevates and enlivens your body/mind in ways that transform your experience of life, inside out. 

What are you giving attention to? Are you automatically reacting to life through automatic wiring or will you choose to feed and fuel a more fulfilling life, and become a master of happiness? Are you willing to action these 5 tips to cultivate more happiness?

Cultivate more happiness

5 tips you can action today:

  1. Appreciate everywhere and cultivate more happiness. Bring your attention to things that are here right now that you value, love or grateful for. Start your morning off with such attention, write your list, embody it. What are the sensations it creates in your body when you acknowledge them? Be present to those sensations. Take your attention to appreciation in micro-moments throughout your day. This attention creates biochemical reactions in your body that elevate your mind/body in more ways than you can imagine.
  2. Breathe properly. Practice some belly breaths, take that breath all the way into your belly, just as a new-born baby does. When you stress, breath becomes short, shallow, this has become a common breath sequence, it might be common, but it is not good for you. Practice your belly breath when you are not reactive, remembering it is so much easier to take on a new practice when you are not under threat. Bring this practice alive as your daily ritual. When your body is fed the breath and fuel of wellbeing it enables the body/mind to harmonise, renew and regenerate, giving it the best possible chance to tune into good things.
  3. Find happy people in your world. Be around people that inspire, lift and create activities and experiences that elevate. Your environment supports the reaction of your internal world. Move away gently from Debbie downers, choose to be an uplifter yourself and allow uplifters in your own life. Give it the best chance by putting yourself in the best positions of happiness. 
  4. Dream a little. Think about a future that you dream of, give yourself the feeling as though it is happening right here, right now. What does it feel like to be living your dream? Allow the sensations of your body to be embodied completely as though your situation is happening right now. Do you have a sense of lightness, joy, a smile on your face? Your body/mind doesn’t know the difference between what is in front of you and what you imagine, you may as well feed the body sensations that create happiness, why wouldn’t you if it feels good?
  5. Practice the art of presence. This is not an easy one, our mind loves to be the dictator, take you away from any situation, hooking into its patterns of self-doubt, fear, worry. These patterns of the mind, love what they know, a meditation practice supports your process of unhooking to the crap that you are so addicted to attend to. Using the practice of meditation develops the capacity for you to have a greater ability to choose what you feed.

“The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does.”

James M. Barrie

The body of knowledge within this article is expressed through the evidence of the subjective experience of Marie Louise. It is available through the wisdom evoked and awareness provoked through nature of all sentient beings.

Have fun in the play and exploration of self-awareness

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