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ABC – Rewire your brain in 3 easy steps


ABC – Rewire your brain in 3 easy steps with Evolve Yourself® ABC’s




Step 1:


You become aware you are caught up in a tendency of thought, feeling, story, image, habit, conversation or reaction that you want to shift or is causing dis-ease.

Step 2:


You take a breath, no matter how long you have been in it, no matter how much momentum you have, no matter if it feels uncomfortable. Breathe, Breath and Breathe again.

Offer the space

Step 3:


Now you are ready to choose how you want to frame up, feel or step into the world, shifting the automatic responses of the past to new pathways of growth and wellness

This is where your world begins to unfold with more ease. Compulsions and tendencies run in patterns of what we have done a thousand times before, regurgitating the same-same, just a different picture, is something the human/mind-body loves to do.

When you become conscious of what serves you and let go of what hurts you is where you begin to master the experience of living NOW.

We analyse the past to see the unconscious and the tendencies that serve and ones that hurt. Not to be a judge, not to be a critic, but to be empowered in the steps moving forward.

You are here right now because of the wonderful, the not so wonderful and the actions and reactions that have brought you here. NOW is the time to use your awareness in the space of presence to choose what will enhance your life moving forward – have fun.

You are no longer dictated by the patterns, but are consciously choosing patterns to design your life!

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Shift your life from survival to a thriving projection. Untangle from limiting beliefs and subconscious reflexes, be active in getting behind the wheel of your body/mind vehicle. When you know yourself you have a greater capacity to know how to navigate your inner world to create a life you love to live.

Evolve Yourself Institute® understands the importance well-being, to maintain resilience, create a healthy mindset and feel joy. You might not be able to change what is happening in the world. But you do have the capacity to modify your reaction to it. Choose happiness today!

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