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8 golden nuggets why & how EYI practices can move your butt

According to Cassey Maynard – One of Australia’s most sought after fitness trainers

Cassey Maynard is one of Sydney’s most sought after group and personal trainers. Her energy and enthusiasm for life is infectious and has helped her build a dedicated following in the health and fitness industry. An advocate for leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle, Cassey is the poster girl for balancing a holistic lifestyle with a sprinkle of fun, making her a popular brand ambassador in the fashion, beauty, health and fitness industries.

Cass tell us why the EYI ‘How fit is your brain?’ 30 day challenge helped move your butt?

If losing weight, feeling good or saying yes to any intention was all a physical thing, everyone would be making their intentions happen, but that’s not the case. People including myself fall into sabotage, guilt and self-doubt all the time, Where is that happening? In my head and then shown through my body.

I work with so many different people and to keep focus of intention, is not easy when our mind gets in the way of making many other reasons not to.


What gets in the way of moving your body?

Always my mind gets in the way, whether it’s the judgement I have about myself or the little critic that sounds like a foghorn sometimes, when I find a way to get out of that chatter, I can take a step into what it is my intention is. This program really has supported the letting go of that dialogue that holds me back and move my rear into what it is I really want to experience.


What did you learn during the program?

In the 30 day challenge you learn about your brain, body and the connection between the two, practices, processes and a myriad of information that supported my accountability and connection. Simple breath technique and micro 5 minute meditations make the experience convenient and functional. The mind can be quite complex, programs like this can give access to the simplicity. I love learning more about how I work, my brain, body, so maybe just maybe, I can tell it what to do rather than it tell me. I haven’t always been my best friend, but I’m choosing that a more and more.


30 days to learn about you?

The golden nuggets and practices within the program, the calendar, notifications, leaderboard, group feed, the reflections and lessons are delivered in a way that seem subtle, but when you experience a practice every day, the benefits as to why you want to keep playing with them become obvious.  I love that I sensed a shift in perception, in more alignment of what I want and the openness to continue the practices and processes for ongoing growth. My life has the ability to keep expanding and experiencing, bringing my mindful practice alive and having a program that supports that in so many ways, kept me on track and will keep feeding me far beyond the 30 days.

Why do programs like this support a workout?

They can help you become more present, out of your head and more in the moment. This can benefit a workout by helping you be present in your body and actually feel the muscles you are working fire up rather than just going through the motions with no intention. If you can be completely present in a workout than this is an extremely powerful tool to get the best results.

What would you tell someone who is curious about their inner functioning?

You won’t realise the positive effects of all the practices within the program till you experience it. Finding a little time each day for selfcare will make a massive difference to your body, mind and soul. Make it a non negotiable in your day like brushing your teeth. I’m sure you wouldn’t leave the house in the morning without doing that?!

In the EYI 30 day challenge you are required to meditate, how hard is that & how did you find time for it?

I lock certain times in my calendar throughout the day. I get a reminder that pops up on my phone and that’s my time to close my eyes for 5-20 mins (depending on how much time I have). I never regret this time out!

Can you give an example of how you have used the breath exercise?

My favorite way to use the breathing exercises is in moments when I would usually feel stressed, a red light when I’m in a hurry or bad Sydney traffic (which is often!). I take this time to calm down the nervous system instead of aggravate it! This technique keeps me calm, cool and in control of my mind.


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