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7 steps to setting intentions

7 steps to setting intentions

Intentions have the power to influence and change your life.

7 steps to setting intentions
noun: intention; plural noun: intentions
  1. 1.
    a thing intended; an aim or plan.
    “she was full of good intentions”
  1. 2.
    the healing process of a wound.
  2. 3.
    conceptions formed by directing the mind towards an object.

7 steps to setting intentions. No doubt you have at some point set an intention knowingly or unknowingly! Intentions are kinder than goals. What do I mean by this? An intention has the energy of allowance and trust combined with action. A goal has an energy of outcome and force, we are more inclined to become attached to goals which has the possibility of ‘stealing’ us from the now, cultivating attachment and disappointment.

Intentions in my experience produce more flow, creativity and joy! I invite you to have a play and set one or more intentions and see what happens.

How does it feel?

What is your experience?

There is no right or wrong way, experiment, get creative and discover more of you, life, the magic of intention and manifestation.

1. Create Your Ritual

What gives you a clear mind and high vibe mood? Is it your meditation practice, breath practice, a swim in the ocean, a full moon dance? All of the above? Experiment – your ritual is yours and unique to you.  You may like to: time it with a full or new moon, use coloured and or textured paper, coloured pens and glitter …who doesn’t love a lil sparkle?

2. Be Specific

When writing your intentions, you may not start off super clear, however as you allow yourself to write freely your attention to details will unfold. Be as specific as possible. Tap you’re your senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste and intuition. The Universe loves and thrives on specific requests. Dive into the details of the things, people, places and experiences you are wanting to manifest.

3. Get Your Creative Cranking

Think big, bold and brave. Tap into your abundant mindset and allow your heart to speak. Write down what makes you bubble with joy and excitement even if it seems a far reach. What have you not tried before and would like to? What gets you curious and hungry to learn and evolve?

4. Dream BIG

Get BIG with those dreams. What would you like to shift in your world that is tangible and then move onto some BIG stuff that may even feel a little scary as it is so big …write that stuff down. Set the intention of making this or something better and more serving to you and others happen. Set a time frame and see what unfolds. Magic does happen!

5. Feel and Actualise

The embodiment of your intention. The magic ingredient. Feel and visualise. Go deep, feel the experience as if it is happening, as if it has already happened. The joy, the love, the energy…this is when the creation really starts to happen.

6. Surrender

The last step is letting go, surrendering your intentions to the Universe.This can often be the toughest step. Letting go allows you to get out of your own way. It does not mean ‘do nothing’ taking action steps towards your intention is key. Letting go, handing over is a process of allowance that allows the energy of your intention to manifest and attract your creation to you. I love to use a mantra with this …make a vocal ritual when letting go, “I am now handing you (my intentions) over to the Universe to manifest with ease and grace. I release my intentions with the intention of the highest good for myself and others.” You may like to create your own.

7. Reflect

To wrap it all up create space a few months down the track to reflect on your intentions. This is where you can see the magic that has unfolded. Can you see signs of alignment? What intentions have already manifested? The Universe often leaves signs to indicate that your intentions are well on their way. Get excited as the magic is happening.


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