Something to think about

Who is willing to say they have no idea?


‘100% sure I have no idea what I am doing’

I saw this quote on a shirt on a young girl in the street the other day and just had to take a photo of it to run with more than a comment about it. This shirt has a golden nugget of knowledge and if these words are understood, in the experience, have the ability to lift that weight of gold, to a whole new level of life experience.

I walked 40 years with the face of ‘I have this stuff sorted”, these masks in which I wore, were definitely the frame in which this little number projected. Within the world of leadership, business, parenting, communication and relationships, I often presumed I needed to know stuff, more knowledge, more ways, more intelligence, more skill-sets, then acted like, I’m good, I know how it is supposed to be and how it should be done,    then BOOM

“I absolutely, have no idea what I am doing.”

Can I really say that out loud? Not very professional of me? Not even very responsible of me? It won’t bring me work!  If I don’t know anything, how will I create a business that works?

These are all great questions, but now, I need not know the answers.  ‘I am winging it’. With the weight off my back, the ability to listen and learn is now the new dance of exploration, not learning because I need to know, but learning because I accept, I don’t know.

“I have no idea what I am doing, and I am loving it.”

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