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5 ways to support overwhelm

5 ways to support overwhelm and create space. At any given time life can feel overwhelming, especially now with all that is happening globally and locally. It takes practice and experimentation to work out what tools work for you and when it is best to use them. At EYI we consistently share “the evidence is in the experience”.

Take a bath – when was the last time you did this? Even if baths are ‘not your thing’ you may be surprised by the magic of an epsom salt bath, your favourite tunes and a scented candle …no phone, lock the door and …thank you very much we have space.

Go for a walk – easy, free and can take you on a path not ventured before! Double bonus!! Explore walking and listening to music, walking without music, mindful walking where you focus on a point ahead, the breeze on your skin, lips, hair, the smells, the temperature…get detailed and become aware of every footstep.

Meditate – a staple, a no brainer…but do you do it? do you do it daily? is it now just part of what you do like brushing your teeth? or have you forgotten how amazing and impactful having a consistent meditation practice is? Our 30 day Evolve Yourself® virtually coached program supports you in forming the habit of meditation.

Breathe – this ol’ chestnut never fails! Have you explored the 4 or 8 count breath? We’ve included it again today (see the link below) as it is POWERFUL. See and feel ‘space’ unfold. Try our 8 count breath meditation  HERE

Start a journal – getting things down onto paper and out of your head might be just what is required in the moment to create space.

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We can support you in developing healthy lifestyle habits like being more mindful, prioritising self-care, wellness and mental health to ensure you get through this challenging time as best as possible. More info HERE


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“I want to know myself better”
“I want to embody self-care practices”
“As someone on the frontline supporting people with their wellbeing I want to be more of what I am teaching them”
“I want to develop a habit of meditation”
“I want more self-belief”

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