Why Us



There is no cookie cutter model for your uniqueness. With direct, raw and simple practices, spoken in a language that is now, learn how to see your challenges as adventures to navigate your life in a direction that continues to expand. We value individual learning styles and blend it with practical based teachings to tap into faster and more effective development.








Imagine using fear as your fuel for growth, anger as your fire to take action or find the key to unlock your experiences of anxiety?

If you’re looking for creativity, power or direction, maybe you want to shift your, or you could be just curious about diving into deep levels of consciousness so you can be and see all you were born to be.

EYI programs are fun, educational, raw and transformational. We use the most current and effective processes, which allows growth to be quick, so you become the master, ruler, maker and shaker of a life that is playful, authentic and full of meaning


Key benefits of the EYI education are:

  • greater awareness,
  • improved empathetic intelligence,
  • faster cognitive functioning,
  • improved negotiation ability,
  • less anxiety,
  • improved mood,
  • deeper sleep,
  • happiness,
  • improved acceptance,
  • faster cognitive function,
  • stronger immune system,
  • clearer skin,
  • improved learning,
  • improved memory,
  • improved ability to turn down distractions,
  • higher pain threshold, improved creativity,
  • improved problem solving,
  • higher self esteem,
  • reduced feelings of loneliness,
  • improved focus,
  • improved decision making,
  • lowering of high blood pressure,
  • slow down neurodegenerative disease,
  • improve protection of telomeres,
  • tools to combat habits and cravings,
  • improved overall equanimity and wellbeing.

Be the master of yourself through our playful blend of science, mindfulness, meditation and imagination.