A simple toolkit of practices & education for development in health & wellness. SOS covers all aspects of living - physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

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What, how, why?

A raw, real and relatable education

  • What is SOS?

    System of Self ® is continuously evolving. EYI share knowledge, tools, concepts and strategies to facilitate awareness growth for a fulfilled life experience. As you open up to more awareness through experiential learning, the ability to hear your own voice of mastery is heard. This is not something that most of us have been good at, and learning to listen to that powerful self takes practice, understanding and experience.

  • How?

    We merge modalities: mindfulness, neuroscience, yoga, meditation, positive psychology, movement and many healing practices inclusive of sound, touch, breath and connection. SOS is a full integration of the merge of awareness.

  • Why?

    Self-awareness allows you to live a responsive life (not a reactive life), which opens you up to the allowance of flow. Flow state is where your world starts to open up to the synchronicities of life, where your body moves without resistance, where the mind no longer gets in the way and your performance in your life jumps to a whole new level.

    Self mastery is the ability to understand all of the tools you were born with – your mind, your body, your emotions – and using them to paint a life you love to live. This mastery opens up to the ability to see the deeper truths of who you are, rather than the relative reality that can sometimes mask that awareness.

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SOS is on point

  • Integrated system outcomes

  • Inner and inter relationship coherence
  • Connection
  • Higher brain functioning, self awareness
  • Improves performance & collaboration
  • Enhances wellbeing & resilience
  • Emotional stability
  • Positive mindset
  • Agility
  • Compassion
  • Better sleep
  • Innovation & creativity
  • Greater energy
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self Responsibility
  • Breaking down blocks of limited mindset
  • Purposeful living
  • Mastery of emotions, body and thoughts
  • Emotional, physical and spiritual coherence
  • Functional Training approach

    Functional training practices bring the processes and concepts to life.

  • Practices which work
  • Flexibile
  • Easily adapted
  • The EYI team has continued to evolve its model and operate in what is ‘now’
  • A holistic and an integrated approach
  • User friendly technology platforms
  • SOS 5 pillars

  • Education
  • Meditation
  • Reflection
  • Movement
  • Breath