Our focus is you, developing your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual awareness.

How do you walk into your best life ever? Join us on our annual getaway. Each year we choose an exclusive location to immerse in. We explore, challenge and educate. Understand your brain, reconnect to your incredible body, use your emotions as fuel to jump into your greatness. Create spectacular change in any facet of your life – including your career, finances, health and relationships. 

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Knock down walls of limitation with an Education and experience that transforms the way you perceive yourself forever

Cleanse and Clarify your mind and body with food that nourishes and an environment that nurtures

A Tool kit of Transformational processes and practices, harnessing wisdom and science to facilitate change

Yoga, meditation, breath and movement in the beat of today to align and expose agility of the self

Fun and adventure to stimulate the curious mind, where innovation and creativity is yours to play with

Feel supported in Joining a team that is building a conscious culture that shape shifts out dated systems, to live a fulfilled connected life

Meet The Team


Entrepreneur, Elite Athlete, philanthropist, motivational speaker, writer, nutritional cleanse coach, mother and businesswoman.


Entrepreneur, educator, innovator, author and lover of life. Her experience of personal freedom and liberation, feeds her to share and expose the possibility of peace.

Here is what you get

A 5 night 6 day transformational immersion on an exclusive island location to be announced soon


Are you serious about creating a fit mind? Are you ready to move the crap that’s holding you back from a life of freedom? Understand the science behind your brain, body and emotions. Learn how the power of sound and voice supports full expression. We share up in a language of today, the workings of you. 

Mind Food

Be exposed and experience food that stimulates awareness and growth. Learn to listen intuitively to the needs of your body. Learning what nourishes the mind and body opens our awareness to facilitate habits that serve. See unconscious self-sabotaging behaviours and choices that mask and cloud us from seeing our true essence.


Are you willing to dive to deeper levels of consciousness to open your world up? Processes and activations that move the binds of our mind. Walk home with a tool kit for ongoing life skills to develop growth and expansion. Learn to recognise triggers and how to use those triggers as keys to unlock your potential.


Are you ready to take your fundometer to the next level? Are you ready to truly show up and shine in this world? We at EYI love adventure and encourage the child mind of play, curiosity and spontaneity. Learn to find the comfort in discomfort, the fuel in fear and challenges to stretch the imagination.

Our Promise

Experience a one on one session with Marie to open you up to the self healing capabilities of this incredible body you were born with. Experience the power and force of an open heart for rejuvenation at a cellular level. Experience the power of group work. 100% commitment from us to you is our promise. 

5 week online program

How fit is your brain? Our gift to you, a take home ongoing practice to deepen everything you have learnt and experienced with us. Our desire for you is to embody and embrace mindful habits for constant growth. We spend a lifetime learning about things outside ourselves, now it is time to learn about you. 

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