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Development program for peak performance

Evolve Yourself Institute® program is using the latest knowledge that blends evidence based practices with mindfulness, positive, psychology, emotional intelligence, movement and neuroscience to move the blocks that restrict performance. Mental health and having a fit mind is the edge for peak performance.

culture shift for the team

Peak performance is not only about the self, it is allowing and trusting the value of those around, whether it is a team of players, coaches or management, the value of the ‘whole’ is where the one unit outperforms all others.  To create a culture of optimum performance, combined with self value and value of others, allows for open communication, action and resilience. This allows the pressures, anxieties and blocks of flow to wash away.  

Emotional Intelligence

There is no secret, now the evidence is accumulating and studies show that with emotional competencies, we also develop performance, wellbeing and leadership effectiveness. Human beings have the gift of emotions ‘now’ is time to learn how to use them rather than them using us. Mental health, illness and stress is where the limited mind effects productivity and performance. Knowing how to support resilience and wellness is integral for growth.

Mindfulness Practices

Bring on the mindfulness revolution. We are evolving, being aware of the self, and present to the self allows us to communicate with ease, streamline often-complex situations and come up with effective action, when you need it most. Where we are aware of our thinking, our saying and our doing it allows us clear communication, clarity and confidence. Adaptability is essential for bouncing back and the practice of presence allows for the flexibility and agility to play out on the field. Flow does not come without presence. Learning tools that work for flow state is priority no 1 for peak performance.

Fitter Minds

A fit body is not the only quality you need to work at your optimum. A fit mind is where resilience becomes a reality, rather than just a word. You need the skill-set to bounce back from an injury, a sub par performance or self doubt. There are many complex pressures that effect performance, whether it is relationships, life situations or past experiences, learning to adapt to change and acquiring an agile mind, brings the focus you need for results.


A development and education program which teaches you how you work, our simple languaging, streamlined multi media delivery and cyber play will get you dramatic and long lasting results to support health and wellness. Knowing the fundamental workings of your mind, body, emotions, inclusive of relationships allows mastery over the gifts you were born with

Emotional Fitness

What is Emotional Fitness? How can you exercise your EQ Muscle? Mental health and wellness is an inside job, but it is effected by outside life situations. Learning to be the master of emotions is a practice. Athletes recognise and do actions that will cultivate physical fitness for peak performance, but can let go of the training that needs to take place for the development of emotional mastery. Within our program your mind matters, offering tools that work for your body to do its work, in flow. 

“At the very highest levels of any field/fortune 50 CEOs

the most impressive artists and musicians, the top athletes, the best teachers and mechanics – you’ll find mindful people, because that’s the only way to get there. ” Ellen Langer Professor at Harvard University

Here is what you get

A personalised program to suit your needs. 


Our EYI education does not go over board with overly academic jargon, which can often be of no practical use, we cut to the chase and deliver functional and sustainable tools for the development and skill sets to effectively process whatever life throws at you. There is no learning without the practical experience. Our practical delivery shows the way.


Our services will support and enhance your existing programs.

  • 5 week System of Self (SOS) foundation program 
  • 3 month SOS program
  • Customised programs tailored to your needs
  • Workshops 90min, 3 hr and full day
  • 5 week online program
  • Virtual training, details on application


We take you on a workshop of 3 hours with focus on flow state This gets you started for the 5 week follow up take, home practice. Activations that stimulate continual growth and curiosity. Giving you the ability to start your awareness shift for emotional and physical mastery.



When you join the EYI team you are joining hands with like minded people who are  also passionate about the human potential and its  possibilities. This is your team, one that you can feel part at all times. You don’t just sign up for a short time, you can immerse as much or as little as you like. Always feel the presence of EYI through information sharing, workshop and development ideas. Everyone working in alignment with a vision of unity.

Multi - Media Delivery

This is a multi media delivery which is completely unique. Understanding the many facets of learning we utilise video, sound, activations and pen to paper. There will be a text companion for your reflection together with a copy of ‘Discover Worlds Within’. 

Guided Meditations

Make it a part of your daily practice without running to the Himalayas. Use the tool that people all over the world are using for transformation. No longer bound by beliefs, science has exposed its effectiveness and EYI opens the practice to your world.

  • Body Express aka Body awareness
  • Stretch and Recover aka Healing
  • Brain Yoga aka Mindfulness
  • Podium Power aka Focus
  • Creative Circuit aka Power of Creation


To super-skill you and  your team, with tools and processes to bring the best out of them to maximise performance – inquire today.